Thursday, February 4, 2016

Spring is coming .. with an update

Since my last post we have had "Snowzilla" here in the Washington DC suburbs and along the east coast.  I got some stitching done, along with alot floor washing.. so here we go..
28ct evenweave and Forest Green Gumnuts Silk
Ive got a little more than half to do of the first page.. It took me awhile to get use to the fabric, but I'm now please with choice.   Evenweave though not linen (the more traditional fabric)is alot easier for me to stitch with and on.  So let the progress continue.. I just wish I could work out a rotation, for my other WIPs.

So on the 23 Jan we received "Snowzilla". Here is what the snow looked like from our deck.. My husband was kind enough to shovel a path for me, and clear some away so I can feed the birds and squirrels.  Usually I do it, but since last winter we have discovered that I have Osteoporosis on top of Osteoarthritis, so he didn't want to risk me damaging or breaking something.  Luckily the snow was a dry one, therefore not to heavy.. my birds were so frustrated they couldn't get to the food which they knew was under snow.. I put it on the bench and there is always remnants.. 

See all the tracks.. the deer came down to eat the apples, and I saw our resident fox every morning while the snow was on the hills.  You can't see him in the woods normally, but we hear him.. We have screened porch, which you can see the corner of on one of the pictures.. the cats love to keep a watch on the squirrels, birds, raccoon, chipmunks and the dogs when the come out next door. The also keep me posted when the little black cat is on the steps at the end of porch,  I'm also working on befriending him but he's feral. so far can just feed but if he sees us or when I come out to feed him, he takes off.. 

So I will leave with brother and sister (they are by another father, but Annie is their mother)..
Rory is the B&W, Mortitia is the black short hair.. the little feral cat is her size..
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  1. Love your progress on your sampler. Long Dogs are so pretty. Glad you survived snowzilla ok. Crazy weather!


Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..