Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have gone awol again

This time it was due to mechanical failure, my computer started crashing.  I have an old 2001 Compaq Presario, which has been working so well  Then it began slowing down, more and more.  Then the speakers wouldn't work with some video's.  It was all getting really frustrating to use, it took hours to load a page  Well we went in an saw that I had used up most my hard drive and memory.  We had been told that we couldn't add any more memory  So my husband said well I guess you'll get that lap top for your birthday. 

After some research I decided on an HP Pavilion G7,  it had the best write ups and user comments.  So we have been busy trying to transfer my system over to what I need to use on my lap top  I have now learned one hard lesson, that any software I down load I need to make a back up for and so I can reload it again.  Also the license keys   I will have to buy 3 programs again  Well live and learn.

Also, we have some illness again here, not me, but one of the babies (babies, they will be 2 in August).   Last weekend we had to take Max (the cat not grandson) to the emergency clinic  He came in last Sunday from the porch, and laid down and howled  He got walked some more and did it again  He didn't seem hot, but something wasn't right.   I have raised enough cats to know that.  So I called the emergency clinic and talked to them, thinking it may be stomach and that he might be blocked.  So off we went.  Well yes he was extremely constipated, an after two enema's he passed alot, but still had a little more.  That's what the x-ray's showed before and after.  He was sent home at 11pm with lactulose (the syrup he loves to hate, but takes like a trooper).  They also said to call my vet and have her check on Max in a few days to make sure that stool was moving.

She came yesterday (yes, my vet comes to my house) and we redid his blood work because she is concerned about Max's size (he's the larger of the 5 babies) also the lab at the clinic showed his sugar to be 237, which can be due to stress.  But she likes it to be a 200, so we are rechecking it and praying he is not diabetic.  Also she felt around and didn't feel any stool.  Good!.  I have seen him go, which is always just by chance, with 12 its hard to follow this group.  She is keeping on the lactulose for about another week. If this all sounds confusing about cats and how I got 12, read the pages on the left side bar.

So that is what has been going on here in 97 degree DC.  It's all suppose to break tomorrow, thank goodness  So give me some time to get my camera in sync with this lap top and some other things and I will be back to posting some stitching and other things.