Monday, May 6, 2013

Wow a month has gone... but not forgotten

Trees.. beautiful trees. well I live in trees... actually the woods... of beautiful Aquia Harbor.. 
And probably like alot of you I'm allergic to tree's, Oaks to be exact.. the pollen reached 3000 here, (how bout where you are?)anyway my eyes were swollen, and I had problems seeing for a week.  Needless to say I have gone through a month of sneezing, coughing and not sleeping much.  But I did get some stitching done, some.  I have been working away on the right hand side of Quaker Virtues (over one).
28 ct cream luguna, with Denim dark & med Gumnuts thread
The other thing that has taken me away from things is our dear Max was sick again, and we rushed him to the emergency hospital.   He started throwing up, except this time with bile in it.  Max as you all might remember (is a cat) but also had a subtotal colectomy in October, he suffers from constipation.  Well either he as blocked or something was up with his surgery (I was worrying about a perforation).  They took an x-ray and he was a little blocked it was up high.  They were able to flush him and manipulate it with sedation.   They felt that he would pass the little bit left, on his own.  He was sent home on lactulose, but he recommended switching to a long term laxative like Miralax.  My regular vet who is home vet, came and felt him 4 days past the emergency visit and he felt clear, and she recommended giving him 1/4 tspn, of Miralax in 2cc of water 2x a day every day.  Which is what we have been doing, and I have been adding water to all their food.  They don't get dry anyway.  They hated it at first but they are getting use to it now.  If anyone else has this issue, you might what to check out this link HERE.   So even though they get the surgery "Subtotal Colectomy" they still can have obstipation, but usually it starts a year aftewords, well he started sooner.  But touch wood, so far so good.. I have seen him go, and boy does he go.. he takes his meds like a little champ.  Why do these things happen to the nicest cats, he is the sweetest boy with such a personality.Take a look...
Max doing his favorite thing, eating lettuce.  He comes when he hears the veg bin drawer open.

So here is my beautiful boy, he seems to be happy and doing all he is suppose to be doing (when I can catch in the box.  To add to my medication rounds, Edward is also has a hyperactive thyroid, he's at the age he has turned 14 and my Nellie who is going on 20.  Nellie is easy but Edward, he is a pill, but its liquid I give.  I'm no longer a nurse to humans, but to felines...
Well the pollen count is coming down for both grasses and trees, we are suppose to get rain for a few days here which should wash some of it off of things and  out of the air.  So I can finally get out and finish my roses.  I have enjoyed my TV viewing, they have aired some new "Midsomer Murders" I have seen most of the early seasons till about season 7, but I have been recording them for my son (I got him hooked when he was here last year for visit).  Also I love "The Bletchley Circle" it was such thriller, I do hope there is a Season Two.  I'm still trodding along with "Mr Selfridge" and the 2nd season of "Call the Midwife"  I'm thinking of reading the book now, it might give some insights, but as I said I was not a fan of L&D when I was in training, but I wonder if she gives more info in the book.  The Bletchley Circle, has some great filming locations, one being St Pancreas Station, which I loved seeing again and was so glad to see that they have not changed it too much.  If you haven't seen on your PBS station take a look for it... well this post has been long enough, I should be back on regular posting now that things are coming back to normal. Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..