---Josh's Memorial


Josh (2000 -July 2015)
My little bear Josh, was starting failing at the beginning of the Spring, and it was downhill from there.  He ate or wanted eat constantly if you let him, he missed the box and created messes, to the point he had to be curtailed in a cage when we could not be around to watch his every move and at night.  He seem lucid, but the was loosing weight rapidly.  He had been tested for hyperthyroidism twice, and blood work twice, and nothing.  My vet and I both felt that he had some sort of stomach or intestinal cancer.  In June he started loosing balance at times, he fell of the counter and didn't move, but he came to his feet and proceeded on.  I should of had him put to sleep then, but we waited he seemed alert.  Then he had another spell after the 4th, and he couldn't move his back legs.  I called my vet, she came the next morning he was so ready to go, he was so quiet when I placed him on the towel and held him as he departed this life.  I think he missed his buddy Edward, they were buds ever since they were babies.  But unlike Edward, I got him from another rescue, he came out of house where a man with Aids had been inbreeding a group of black cats, there were 20 in the house, Josh and his sibs where the babies they brought out first.  I fell in love him the moment I saw him, he was only 16 when he died.. but he's playing and sleeping with his Edward now.

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