Thursday, September 10, 2015

Update and new start

Well I thought I could move to a new page, which would of been the last of the 2nd section, then I discovered I had made a big mistake.  Can you find it.
See it, I didn't go under the brown open work on the left of the section on the far right.  So I ended up frogging one night, and correcting that section.  Its looking much better... see below.
28ct cream evenweave, with Silk Gumnuts threads, over one.
 I also have started a smaller new piece, which is designed by Jardin Prive "Halloween Quaker".
28ct Pewter Evenweave, Gumnuts Silks, over one.
Well school started this week, and the fall is upon us, but it's still muggy here in Virginia, south of DC.  Its raining here today, but its not enough to break up with ragweed in the air.. but there's hope.
Tomorrow marks the 14th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.  But its also the  27th anniversary of my mother's death...miss her everyday.. She worked at the Pentagon for the Department of the Army. 

Mom (Audtey Seekford Cantley) with Glady's Hronik (her sister)1972 Williamsburg, VA
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