Monday, March 17, 2014

Two months ago...

JH 9-11, Gumnuts Silks on Newcastle Cream
I thought I would be near the finish line, but alas it's not to be.   Between the snow, and other things that took be away from stitching, its still not finished.  Im determined to finish by the end of March (but I think its going to be more like the end of April).  I'm working on away to move it upstairs so I can stitch when Im resting my back and knees (my arthritis with all this damp and cold) have been really keeping me looking for easier pain control.

I also have been working more on office type stuff, such as getting genealogy records caught up, filing and throwing out stuff, and taxes and other financials. Some times I have to do my wifely chores.  
So since its St Patty's day, Rory would like to wish you well... he's also my computer helper. Also here's a look at the latest snow, and what DC hopes will be the LAST... because winter has definitely outstayed its welcome..
From my back deck, into the woods

We got about 4", it didn't hit the roads at all but the kids were still out of school. 
My cleared off area for the birds and squirrels, they were singing and waiting for me...
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