Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I have been busy on 9-11 as you can see.
9-11 40ct Cream, with Gumnuts and HDF Silks
I actually got more done than I thought I would since I stitched will transferring all 26 episodes of Victory at Sea for my son to DVD, as well Nazi's on Trail, and 6 more Midsomer Murder episodes for him.  He doesn't have regular, since he just not home enough.  He likes to watch PBS but its just not worth it on the Cable bill.  So I tell him what's coming up and record it and transfer it for him.  He's a mystery freak like me, got hooked on Midsomer Murders when he was home a year ago.  I just need to do "How Sherlock changed the world", he loves the new Sherlock, with Bendict Cumberbatch.  Im going to get him the series for Valentines.  Daniel (son) and I bought Harley the new Sherlock, season one and two.  She has just become interested in Sherlock.

Im personally sitting on tenderhooks waiting for Season 4 of Downtown Abbey.
The new characters look interesting, and its been rumored that Edith gets a bigger role, I hope so.  We
also have new Sherlock season three coming on January 19th, helps the winter go by fast.

So I leave with a picture I took of the beautiful Annie deep in thought, as she was looking out the front door...

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas!!! with news..

After all this time with computer crashes and other changes, I'm finally back in the swing of things.. only took 6 mos..
Jan Houtman 9-11 40ct Cream Linen with Gumnuts Silk Thread

For your memory refresher here's where I was a year ago,  so you can see in the above, I have made some progress. 

I have found that a move a little faster on the frame, and Im really pleased with the progress. We have our little bit of Christmas up, its on a small scale here since its just me and thee, and my brother in law (BIL) Mike, and the kids (the cats)
Our Little Tree, with Max
As you can see I have some decorating to do, I have only sorted through one little box (under the tree).  We have been going through more of Paul's parents things and last week I found a box of what I thought was clothes, underneath to old hats, we found pictures and more pictures, and films.  Paul and Mike (BIL) went through them, some we will need his cousins help with so I can start labeling and putting together.  Pictures and albums is one of my genealogy goals for the new year.  Santa is bringing me a nice Brother Label Machine and some archival boxes.

Well Peace and Happy Stitching, Jean

Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..