---Cat Elders

As I said when Annie and Beau came along when we had six elder cats.  Now we have two left of that group left we lost two, the 16 year olds.  But we have the lovely but skinny "Nelly".  She is all black and definitely has some Siamese.  I got her from the "Feline Foundation of Greater Washington".  She is Paul's girl.   An for some 16 years old and looking as frail as she does she still gets around.  It did take her some time get use to the little ones.  Lucy likes to jump her and put a half nelson on her but Nelly just slides through and keeps going.

Next is EmilyAnn, she is 14 years old.  I also got her from the "Feline Foundation of Greater Washington" she is skiddish tortis-shell. that doesn't like the little one's coming at her. However, she has gotten use to some of them, but Beau intimidates her, so she is living in the bedroom upstairs.  Oh, she has her box and I feed her, Sasha and Mortitia stay with her, so she's not alone.  But her days of coming down stairs are done.  She also has lost of weight, which is good.  I need to get a new picture of her.
Next are Edward (my prince) who is eleven, and Josh-Tokai (the big one, in Japanese). who is 10.  An yes they too, came from the "Feline Foundation"  Edward I got because Nelly needed someone to mother, since "Sebastian" just passed.  So my friend at the FFGW, mentioned she had this adorable orange tabby boy, that was so affectionate, well I had to see him.  It was in love at first and he is joined to my hip most of the day and night.  Beau also spends his time chasing Edward, so I have to run interference on certain days.  Beau even though he is now an altered male, he is determine to over throw Edward as alpha male.  Oh all of mine are fixed by the way..  Now for Josh, he was a litter they had just rescued and since I an affinity for black cats, it was love at first sight. But I also knew that Paul would love this round little bundle of fur.  Unfortunatley, Josh has stayed round..but he is the baby and always will be..