Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hello everyone... due to technical difficulties (my laptop crashed) I have been away.  I now have a HP PC (more later)up and running.  I can't get my camera going, so I think I will have to resort to my old digital kodak.  I have been stitching, and I have updates.. Will post soon.  It has just taken a while to get back into computer function mode.  I had sort out password on things and get other things loaded and up running for the house and household, but I'm almost finished.  I just didn't want my fellow stitchers thinking I vanished down a hole. 

Speaking of vanishing, did any of  you see "The lady Vanishes" on PBS, it was AWFUL! what a waste.  You just can't touch Hitchcock, and speaking of Hitchcock, TCM will be doing Sundays with Hitch in September, showing all his movies so if your a Hitch fan like me, its something to grab your stitching and watch... or DVR, if a game is on at the same time. 

Will post more soon..

Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..