Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I have been busy on 9-11 as you can see.
9-11 40ct Cream, with Gumnuts and HDF Silks
I actually got more done than I thought I would since I stitched will transferring all 26 episodes of Victory at Sea for my son to DVD, as well Nazi's on Trail, and 6 more Midsomer Murder episodes for him.  He doesn't have regular, since he just not home enough.  He likes to watch PBS but its just not worth it on the Cable bill.  So I tell him what's coming up and record it and transfer it for him.  He's a mystery freak like me, got hooked on Midsomer Murders when he was home a year ago.  I just need to do "How Sherlock changed the world", he loves the new Sherlock, with Bendict Cumberbatch.  Im going to get him the series for Valentines.  Daniel (son) and I bought Harley the new Sherlock, season one and two.  She has just become interested in Sherlock.

Im personally sitting on tenderhooks waiting for Season 4 of Downtown Abbey.
The new characters look interesting, and its been rumored that Edith gets a bigger role, I hope so.  We
also have new Sherlock season three coming on January 19th, helps the winter go by fast.

So I leave with a picture I took of the beautiful Annie deep in thought, as she was looking out the front door...

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas!!! with news..

After all this time with computer crashes and other changes, I'm finally back in the swing of things.. only took 6 mos..
Jan Houtman 9-11 40ct Cream Linen with Gumnuts Silk Thread

For your memory refresher here's where I was a year ago,  so you can see in the above, I have made some progress. 

I have found that a move a little faster on the frame, and Im really pleased with the progress. We have our little bit of Christmas up, its on a small scale here since its just me and thee, and my brother in law (BIL) Mike, and the kids (the cats)
Our Little Tree, with Max
As you can see I have some decorating to do, I have only sorted through one little box (under the tree).  We have been going through more of Paul's parents things and last week I found a box of what I thought was clothes, underneath to old hats, we found pictures and more pictures, and films.  Paul and Mike (BIL) went through them, some we will need his cousins help with so I can start labeling and putting together.  Pictures and albums is one of my genealogy goals for the new year.  Santa is bringing me a nice Brother Label Machine and some archival boxes.

Well Peace and Happy Stitching, Jean

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finally found the disc!

Well I guess your wondering what disc?  the disc to the software for the digital camera.  Paul kept saying I could download it, but no you can't.  He then thought he had it, since after all he's the one that bought me the camera for christmas, well nope he swore he looked and didn't have.  I then searched out for the kodak digital software for the old digital, which I found and got all together, when I had another flash and thought I would search his music/computer room one more time, and guess what I found the software disc.  So ta da, I can now take stitching, cats and whatever again and show them to my friends... So for tonight I leave you with Sasha, this is one I just pulled off the camera when testing that everything worked.  Tomorrow I will show all my stitching updates...

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hello everyone... due to technical difficulties (my laptop crashed) I have been away.  I now have a HP PC (more later)up and running.  I can't get my camera going, so I think I will have to resort to my old digital kodak.  I have been stitching, and I have updates.. Will post soon.  It has just taken a while to get back into computer function mode.  I had sort out password on things and get other things loaded and up running for the house and household, but I'm almost finished.  I just didn't want my fellow stitchers thinking I vanished down a hole. 

Speaking of vanishing, did any of  you see "The lady Vanishes" on PBS, it was AWFUL! what a waste.  You just can't touch Hitchcock, and speaking of Hitchcock, TCM will be doing Sundays with Hitch in September, showing all his movies so if your a Hitch fan like me, its something to grab your stitching and watch... or DVR, if a game is on at the same time. 

Will post more soon..

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stitching and an anniversary..

Audrey and Bernard Cantley, 1950 ..
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, they would of been married 63 years, but they only saw 25 years together when my dad passed with terminal cancer in 1975.  My mom passed in 1988.  I miss them everyday but especially on this day.  Im sure they are dancing on air in the clouds..

Still stitching away on JH 9-11.  My plan is to finish a page and then move back to Quaker Virtues. 
28 White Luguna, with Gumnuts Silks 
So as you can see I got a bit to do...  Its still hot and humid in DC, we are under a thunder storm watch until 9pm tonight.  Things are suppose to start to get a bit better.  At least today a breeze is blowing for those who are out side.  I have been enjoying the stitching and watching the first season of "Endeavor", Inspector Morse preclude its wonderful.  They are going to be working on a 2nd Season, which is great to hear.  Also on they are re-running "Case Histories" again, along with "The Bletchly Circle", can't wait for season 2 of that.. My DH is chopping at the bit for the new "Sherlock" which won't air until early 2014.  Well back to stitching and washing, with the girls to help.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm back...just lost my stitching mojo....

Well I have taken a little sabbatical from stitching.. but I'm back now.  Actually I have been stitching more on Quaker Virtues, which I started back in May. 
28 ct Cream Luguna, with Denim Shades of Gumnuts and Pink, stitched Over One
Just this past weekend I started Jan Houtman's 9-11 over one also...
28 ct White Luguna,, with Gumnuts Silks.
I'm also thinking of starting one of my Scarlet Letter Samplers, to add to the rotation.  Probably, Ann Grimshaw.  I just need to make a copy of it since its printed all on one sheet, which is maddening to work with.  I have the fabric and threads ready to go, cream Luguna with Gumnuts Wine Silk thread. 

On the personal and family news, I just celebrated by 60th birthday, it was a quiet affair.  Just me and thee.  Paul (thee) took off and we did some things during the week, which was nice.  We were suppose to go out with friends, but he became ill (seriously) and couldn't make it.   So with family in mind, I have been doing some genealogy work, getting ready to take a little trip to Front Royal and Richmond to do some research.  On that note I found a great local blog which points out some interesting history and facts about my hometown, Washington DC, check it out here.

We are getting ready to have another warm week here in DC, temps in the upper 90's with high humidity.. I really don't know what the big deal is, its July in DC.  Anyway it will be gone so they say by the weekend.  But it makes for a great stitching weather, and some other things that require time indoors. 

So I leave with as always with my Max, who is doing great (we poop regularly) he gets his Miralax twice a day and things go well.  But right now its nap time and he has discovered that I'm out the stitching chair, while I'm updating the blog...


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Monday, May 6, 2013

Wow a month has gone... but not forgotten

Trees.. beautiful trees. well I live in trees... actually the woods... of beautiful Aquia Harbor.. 
And probably like alot of you I'm allergic to tree's, Oaks to be exact.. the pollen reached 3000 here, (how bout where you are?)anyway my eyes were swollen, and I had problems seeing for a week.  Needless to say I have gone through a month of sneezing, coughing and not sleeping much.  But I did get some stitching done, some.  I have been working away on the right hand side of Quaker Virtues (over one).
28 ct cream luguna, with Denim dark & med Gumnuts thread
The other thing that has taken me away from things is our dear Max was sick again, and we rushed him to the emergency hospital.   He started throwing up, except this time with bile in it.  Max as you all might remember (is a cat) but also had a subtotal colectomy in October, he suffers from constipation.  Well either he as blocked or something was up with his surgery (I was worrying about a perforation).  They took an x-ray and he was a little blocked it was up high.  They were able to flush him and manipulate it with sedation.   They felt that he would pass the little bit left, on his own.  He was sent home on lactulose, but he recommended switching to a long term laxative like Miralax.  My regular vet who is home vet, came and felt him 4 days past the emergency visit and he felt clear, and she recommended giving him 1/4 tspn, of Miralax in 2cc of water 2x a day every day.  Which is what we have been doing, and I have been adding water to all their food.  They don't get dry anyway.  They hated it at first but they are getting use to it now.  If anyone else has this issue, you might what to check out this link HERE.   So even though they get the surgery "Subtotal Colectomy" they still can have obstipation, but usually it starts a year aftewords, well he started sooner.  But touch wood, so far so good.. I have seen him go, and boy does he go.. he takes his meds like a little champ.  Why do these things happen to the nicest cats, he is the sweetest boy with such a personality.Take a look...
Max doing his favorite thing, eating lettuce.  He comes when he hears the veg bin drawer open.

So here is my beautiful boy, he seems to be happy and doing all he is suppose to be doing (when I can catch in the box.  To add to my medication rounds, Edward is also has a hyperactive thyroid, he's at the age he has turned 14 and my Nellie who is going on 20.  Nellie is easy but Edward, he is a pill, but its liquid I give.  I'm no longer a nurse to humans, but to felines...
Well the pollen count is coming down for both grasses and trees, we are suppose to get rain for a few days here which should wash some of it off of things and  out of the air.  So I can finally get out and finish my roses.  I have enjoyed my TV viewing, they have aired some new "Midsomer Murders" I have seen most of the early seasons till about season 7, but I have been recording them for my son (I got him hooked when he was here last year for visit).  Also I love "The Bletchley Circle" it was such thriller, I do hope there is a Season Two.  I'm still trodding along with "Mr Selfridge" and the 2nd season of "Call the Midwife"  I'm thinking of reading the book now, it might give some insights, but as I said I was not a fan of L&D when I was in training, but I wonder if she gives more info in the book.  The Bletchley Circle, has some great filming locations, one being St Pancreas Station, which I loved seeing again and was so glad to see that they have not changed it too much.  If you haven't seen on your PBS station take a look for it... well this post has been long enough, I should be back on regular posting now that things are coming back to normal. Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..

Friday, April 5, 2013

Progress...ah beautiful spring!

I have made some solid progress on Quaker Virtues...
28 ct Cream Lugana, with Gumnuts threads
Im going to be adding the cranberry for the letters, and gold for little motive fillers and light blue for the "Virtue"words.. At least that's my plan so far, I might get the other 2 colors of the blue (which is Denim in the Gumnuts line, and 2 shades lighter in the Cranberry.  What do you think?

It has been a glorious day, in the upper 60's, a day one should really be outside not inside stitching and sorting out things.. but alas I have been working through 20 years of magazines, Victoria, Southern Living, Bon Appetite, Coastal Living and some others, they have to go... or a least be thinned down.  The one group of magazines that will never go, is my "Just Cross Stitch" and "Samplers and Antique Quarterly".
However today was not only glorious temperature wise, but it was Melvyn Douglas day on TCM. Today is Mr Douglas's birthday, they had a great lineup of his 30's movies, "The Shinning Hour", "Toy Wife", "She Married her Boss", "I'll Take Romance", "Prestige", "Fast Company", "Our Wife" and one I had never seen "Dangerous Corner", the DVR is running on.  But tonight they are starting a new feature with Cher.
She will introducing films she has chosen featuring "A Woman's World" from working women to motherhood and women on the home front during the war years.  Now you are probably wondering why Cher, well she is a big classic movie fan.  Tonight's lineup is "motherhood" starting with "Mildred Pierce", then "Stella Dallas" which Barbara Stanwyck at her best, "Penny Serenade", "Bachelor Mother" and "Made for Each Other".  These are all wonderful movies... this feature will be shown every Friday evening starting at 8pm, if you want to learn more check it out HERE.

So tonight I will be stitching on with Cher's picks, but for now I will leave with..

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Start.. working over one

With Spring a new start.. Sitting Pretty's "Quaker Virtues".   
28 ct Cream Luguna, with Gumnuts Silks Denim

I'm really enjoying this stitch.. It took me a while to work up to using Lugana since its a evenweave, but its like needlepoint canvas to me, so I seem to working out the objections.  I tried using linen and had some issues with stitch alignment.   I also have discovered that I don't like working on a frame.

So with that not alot going on around here, just doing some spring cleaning, and throwing out some not wanted things.  However, TV viewing has been interesting, Masterpiece has started "Mr Selfridge", which took me a some time to warm up too. Some comments I read on the Facebook Page, is that they have portrayed him as just a loud and obnoxious American.  Well I think he was someone that was like Mr Ringling, and thought big and lived large.  An yes he like girls, so that doesn't really bother me, what did bother me was the music. However, I am looking forward to this weeks episode.  Also WETA UK showed Dr Helen Castor's special of  She Wolves of England, the first English Queens, that was really interesting.  If you haven't seen it, see if your PBS station will either be planning to show it or can get it.  Enjoyed the premiere of Season II, Call the Midwife, but I'm not completely over the moon like everyone is about this show.  I never like L&D when I was in nurses training,  had too many close calls... and I found it really stressful.  L&D is either very happy or very sad, no in between, So with that I will leave you with Lucy.... and her icy glare...

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Woodlawn Inspirations...

 50th Annual Woodlawn Needlework Show
Well we made it to Woodlawn, Paul and I (who does not take good pictures with my camera).  Unfortunately, we went on a rainy/snowy day in Virginia.  As you can see by the picture they are still working on the house, both inside and outside.  The new windows were well worth it.  But now all the boxwood are gone, well that happened bit by bit after the 2009 snow storms which broke the plants, even though they covered them.  
As far as entries, there didn't seem to be as much as in previous years, but according to the booklet there were 578 entries this year, however it sure didn't look like that much.  What do others think? The best in show, was a lovely little dog that was needlepainted, he was lovely.  My husband really liked the Japanese goldwork and small silk pagoda miniture, also stitch painted.  He was also taken with and over one piece on 50ct of "And They Sinned".  He asked can they still see? Also he really liked the Carriage House the Shores of Hawk Run.  I really liked the embellished Queen Elizabeth, it was lovely with miniature pearls and beads, it took me back to my Needlepointing days.
I saw many pieces from fellow stitching friends, such John Kazmaier (who won (2)thirds and second for his Jan Houtman's, and Lynn Davis who got a Honorable Mention.  Also Holly Rison, Barbara Hutson from Queenstown Samplers, and good friend Joan Schmidt who got an Honorable Mention for an adorable Lizzie Kate Design.   

Today I found out that another cross stitch store had bit the dust down in my hometown of Fredericksburg, Va, called "Everything Cross Stitch".  I went with my God Daughter (she felt bad about taking me to Woodlawn since it would be such a rush for her) to get some little stitching supplies, which obviously didn't happen, but she was happy to find a Vera Bradley shop, and I found some Crabtree and Evelyn Soap.  So I had to happy myself with ordering from one of my favorite online shops Stitcher's Paradise,  I have decided to work two charts over one, Woodlawn is always inspiration... So with that I leave from sunny but and chilly Virginia with....
Beau and Annie.. they are a great couple. Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Working on the last row...

Well I'm finally on the last row of Happy Christmas, I so want to finish this.. So I can start Ann Grimshaw from Scarlet Letter.
40 ct lakeside Linen Luna, Gumnuts Silks

 I have made some excellent progress on Jan Houtman's 9-11...
40 ct Ricamo, Gumnuts Silks

It really is coming along, really enjoyable when I'm taking a break downstairs.  The weather here as been really strange, it's been warm the past few days but this evening a cold front is pushing through with some strong winds.  They have assured us all that this will not be a repeat of the Derecho that we had last June that left us without power for 3 days.  Unfortunately it is suppose to hit around dinner time.  The temps will be back in the 40's with the hint of flurries.  Last week it was freezing here, and down in the teens at night. 

Im almost through my biography of Loretta Young, and we are down to last week of her films.  Starting February 1st we begin 31 days of Oscar, most the time its alot of the same, that they show but this year they are showing it by Studio, starting with Warner Bros, first. 

As far as Downton Abbey, I have a mixed feeling about it, having it for just an hour you really don't have a chance to get the meat of any story line, there are so many things going on at the same time.  But I'm still watching. 

I leave you with Lucy who was busy helping me with the grocery list...

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting closer on Happy Christmas....

 I'm getting closer to finally being finished with Happy Christmas...I'm getting down to the last row.
40 ct lakeside Linen Luna, with Gumnuts Silks
40ct Cream Ricamo, with Gumnut Silks
I also have been working away on my larger piece, Jan Houtman's 9-11. This piece is a little more slow going..  Lately though I have increased enthusiasm, I have been listening to my Kindle.  When I'm working on JH 9-11 I listen to Sherlock Holmes and upstairs I listen to Loretta Young bio called "Hollywood Madonna", I'm half way through it.  It has taken me some time get use to the Kindle, I had been using my portable Sony CD player, so this October when we were going to Florida I bought one for the trip.  I was able to use my Audible account with it along with buying books from the Kindle store.  I have always loved to read, the books between my mother and myself was a bit much when I went to settle up her things (I'm still working on it).  So the other problem I have is not possessing the physical book.  But I guess I'm saving a tree, and my library is now in the cloud.  I still have uses for my bookcases since some books aren't digital, such as stitching books and genealogy books.  The only thing that I do not like about the Kindle books is the when you put it on text to voice it reads everything, including footnotes if there are any.  But I do definitely get more stitching done while listening to a book, I guess because I have always enjoyed having someone read to me.

So as soon as I finish Happy Christmas I will be starting Ann Grimshaw, as part of Nicola's Scarlet Year Challenge.    You can read about here.  Its going to be big year for Nicola, but its also going to be a big year for me, I will be turning 60.  Anyone can join in to Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year.
Scarlet Letter samplers range from beginner to advanced, so a stitcher of any caliber can participate.
Here is my combo for Ann Grimshaw.
40ct Vintage Luna, with Gumnuts Mulberry 

As far as TV viewing, we got the 4th episode of Downton and its not getting much better, still bland. But we have been enjoying Loretta Young as Star of the Month on TCM, and with them showing most of her pre-codes. As SOTM we are given a celebration of her body of work.  Last week's viewing was not a truly her films, such "Suez" which is really more about Tyrone Power and "Kentucky" which is more about other things but not Loretta, even though its one of her few color films.  This week are pre-war romantic comedies, one with one of my favorite male actors, Warner Baxter; the movie is "Wife, Husband and Friend".  So this promises to be interesting evening of films.

I leave with my stitching buddy Sasha..

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Christmas Update and some surprises...

Max and I have been taking down Christmas decorations.. also I have been bothered with a sinus infection, but doing much better now.

I also have been doing some stitching but only on Happy Christmas, I'm really trying to finish it up.  I have done a little on JH 9-11, but not enough to show.  

Here's the update on Happy Christmas...Santa brought me some new charts and things, here's just a few...

Sorry for the fuzzy picture, sometimes I still get confused with this camera...  On the TV viewing front while I stitch, I'm really excited about Loretta Young being star of the month this January.  She was such a beauty.  Also we have gone through three episodes of  "Downton Abbey" and I'm I have been very disappointed..  I know others on the Facebook page are enthralled, but to me the punch and spark has gone out.  Mary comes off as a brat, and neither her nor Matthew seems to have a lot warmth for each other as they did in Series I and II.  All he does is moan over Lavinia and the money and she just is busy grabbing for the money.  The one bright hope was of Edith finding happiness, which faded last night when Maggie Smith made her comments about him so they would be over heard and he left Edith standing at the alter.  An this thing with Ethel wanting help, not wanting help, wanting help, is driving me nuts.  I know across the pond they see it with commercials, but we get ours edited and cut to fit the PBS time slot, to me its all a plot to get you the uncut DVD version.  I have my own grips with PBS, that's why my diet of TV viewing is mostly TCM.  PBS has alot of people getting rich, and they keep asking for more money and show even less and less of new stuff.  Alot of its repeats over and over.  All we get that's new is Sherlock and Downton Abbey, and every two to three years a Ken Burns and that's it, at least that's the way it is here in the DC Metro area, where we have 4 PBS stations which all show the same thing and are glamoring for the same bucks.    Anyway that's my rant, and don't get me wrong I will still watch next's week episode of Downton Abbey, maybe something good will happen. 

So I leave you now with Beau and Annie...

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Stitching New Year!!!

Happy New Year to all my fellow stitchers....  Now that I have two stands so I can work on two stitching projects at the same time, on the big stand I have Jan Houtman 9-11 going..  I have only done a small amount through the holiday's as you can see..
40 ct Cream Ricamo, with Gumnuts Silks
Upstairs I have been working away on Happy Christmas which I started a year ago...
40 ct Cream Lakeside Linen Luna, with Gumnuts Silks
I'm so close to finishing, I'm so upset with myself for slacking for about 6 months, because I have some great little projects I want to get started on (wait to see what else Santa brought me, I will show you next time).  Thank goodness Downton Abbey starting this Sunday, I can some extra stitching time in.

For now I will leave with Max, who gets in my chair the minute I get out...
Max, you see his hair is slowly growing back from his surgery.

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