Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello Hello

What an eventful two weeks.  I lost my internet a little less than two weeks ago.  Somehow, my DSL just went offline    I had a technician come and we could not locate any issue that was on our end.  We checked the line, and he got on the phone with verizon and they confirmed that it was on their end.  After days and calling they still could not locate the problem within their network.  I did some calling to other providers, and finally called about Verizon FIOS, which by our figuring would save some money.  We had been using both DirecTV for satelite TV and Verizon for DSL and phone, however combining them all would save a good bit.  I got an appt set up and they came, the only real addition we made was to add a receiver to my BIL room, so he can get the baseball games and the news he likes to watch. 

So now that all this is set up, I was able to file my income taxes (which I do online) and get caught up on some other things.  During all this I spent time working on Harley's Birth Sampler, which is Long Dog's Bienvenue.  I probably shouldn't of been working on anything while I was so upset, because I made a huge error and had to rip it out. 

I'm going to start working again on Houtman's 9-11.  Sorry for not posting a pic, but I just started ripping, so with I clean slate I can start over.