---Edward's Memorial

EDWARD (April 1999-May 2014)
Beautiful Edward was a blessing from the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington.  He was brought to me on April 4, 1999, a sweet little ball of orange and white fluff.   He was a Prince from day one, he stayed by my side constantly.  He loved to be loved and he gave it back ten fold.  In 2013 we found out that our beloved boy was hyperthyroid, so we went on the Tapazole routine, but it really took it's toll on our beautiful boy.  Toward the end he had wasted away so much and was so thin, but he tried so hard not let me down or fret.  The last day he was breathing hard, and I knew it was close. I stayed with him as he tried to cool down on the floor, and left for just a minute or two, when I returned.. Well, he was gone.  He left my world on 3am on Memorial day, I miss him so much.

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