Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!! well almost

We had a quiet and blessed Christmas, well since its just us and the cats its very quiet.. I did get a big surprise and new digital camera from my husband.  I got a Nixon D90, its a nice little camera and its taken a week for me to learn how to use, but I think I have gotten the hang of it.  My old (other) camera is a 2001 Kodak, which I love, but it is big and technolog has changed so much, I will never put it out to pasture. 

So here's a picture of my Houtman progress with the new camera. 

So I'm progressing nicely, I think.. even though I have'nt stitched as much as would of liked over Christmas.  Also in the spirit of a stitcher's tradition  there will be a new start tomorrow on New Years Day.  Take a look!

It's a small quaker from Carolina House, called "Merry Christmas".  I'm going to stitch it on Lakeside Linens, Antique Luna.   I have been wanting to try Lakeside Linens linen for a long time I finally got that chance.  I almost got a destroyed package of linen.  If you look at the top of the package its was crumpled and partially torn.  I ordered this linen, along with "Queenstown - Quaker Friends" chart from Wyndham Needleworks.   Well it all arrived right before Christmas like this...

As you can see the chart was massacered from the postal machine, it all was rewrappled in the plastic wrapper with "We Care" oh yes they care... The chart was only $12 dollars, but the linen, well I'm just grateful.. as I said it could of been worse.  I did contact Lydia at Wyndham Needleworks, explaining to her what had happened, offering to take pictures, and explaining I was just letting her know, that I know it isn't her fault.  Well to her credit, she sent me a new chart, I offered to pay and again show her pictures, she declined.  She's the best, I have never had any major issues with Wyndham, it sometimes takes a while to get an order, since its just her and her husband, so I never order anything when I'm in a hurry. If you haven't tried her do, here her link... Wyndham Needlework

I leave you now with some great pictures we took of the kids....with the new camera...
Now isn't this beautiful picture of Annie (the mom cat)
Well here they are the mom and dad, I have never seen two cats that have mated for life!
And my beautiful Rhory Boy, Annie's first born.......
We wish all of you a blessed NEW YEAR!!!!!!! with lots of stitching........and many blessings.. Jean

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Season's Greetings

The last three weeks have not been hectic with christmas things, but in health things and some home things.  My DH is needing some surgery, so we have been trying to figure out how to do that since I don't drive anymore.  The solution is our son will be coming home again in January to do the driving, thank goodness.  Also this week my husband took off to get some branches and yard work done, get the vehicles inspected, and just have some down time, so that all got done.  We also got more books and tapes to the library for donations, as we make our way through both familes estate and our stuff.  

I did get some stitching done so here it is.

Maybe one day I will have ironed this before I take a picture.  As I have said many times before I am really enjoying stitching this sampler.  I have tried so many times before but never completed one!  I really enjoy stitching on Ricamo, now they a discontinuing it, sad.  I can stitch on other Newcastle linens, so all is not lost.  But lets move on to something else, what do you do while your stitching?  watch TV, well what do you watch?  I watch old movies, I mean old.  But I also try out new ones when they come to DirecTV PPV, such as "The Help" 

I love this movie, since I'm from the south and this was set in my time.   It was so true, so true.  I had a black maid that raised me, and was with me for my formitive years 1-5 and a little after.  I stayed at her house, I never realized that she was not even related to me, she was always "Aunt Loretta".  Unfortunately she passed when I was 10, she fell asleep smoking in bed.  I hope Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastian and Emma Stone, receive a SAG, the preview to the Oscars.  Hope they get a Best Picture nod at Oscar time as well. 

This may be my last post before Christmas, so from our family to yours we wish you a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year".

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day of Infamy! December 7, 1941

On this day in Infamy, remember those who lost their lives and those survivors, such as my father,CPO SKC Bernard Cantley... Son and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors, carrying on the legacy..

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ah progress...

Well I have been working away at JH 9-11, for some reason I can't seem to put it down.  I really think its the gumnuts threads and their soft colors, but they are also lovely to work with..So here is my progress for this week

 I haven't been stitching for a while on Madison's sampler, but I will I promise.  What I need to get on the stick on is framing Mr. Max's Sampler so that its ready for entry into the Woodlawn Needlework show come February.  In case you have forgotten is Max's Sampler     

Well Christmas is coming, did you know that? of course you did, well you sure wouldn't know that looking around this house.  We are very low key here, since it's just us and the four legged ones   Also for the past two years we haven't put up a tree since the babies would of destroyed it and drove us crazy in the process.  Well this year we are going to try them with the little artificial tree that we put up, but with out the ornaments (don't want to lead them into temptation) I need to finish some shopping and send the cards and money to the grand kids.  I also need to put together Daniel's care package for Christmas.   We got a little distracted when Daniel was up this way and DH (Paul)is having a small medical issue done this week and I think emotions will relax and feel more like Christmas when its over. 

An last but not least I was able to get some pictures of the elusive Annie (the mom cat, the feral one) she is getting better all the time.  She will come a brush your leg every now and then, we can also pet her when we feed her.  An sometimes, just sometimes she will stay on her spot in the TV room while I stitch.  Now that's something!!  This cat never knew the human touch, but in two years she has come along way..  So here she is... my girl
This is her right next to my stitching chair... sorry about the bright eyes... but she just looked so sweet and that's why I took the picture.....
Just zoning out. Can you tell that Im just tickled to death with her.  Well we are, its been such an accomplishment to build the trust and friendship with this lovely girl.  Her Beau, is still and always will be her beau, the male cat she adores but she is discovering that humans aren't so bad either, now her babies are another matter....

Hope your holidays planning and preparing are coming along, hope stitching is in your plans.. If I don't get another progress report in before the holidays, then from our house to yours Happy Christmas and New Year.... 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday News

Well an entire month has gone by and Santa is on his way.... Again I go missing, November was very busy, our son came up from Florida to celebrate his Dad's 65th birthday and Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful visit and a family conference to plan out the next stage or our life.  Paul isn't planning on retiring yet, but soon, therefore we need to start getting our ducks in row for a move to Florida to be near grand kids and son. 

Here we all are at by nieces house

So here I am on Cyber Monday, trying to getting christmas underwraps and everyone back to schedule.  Dan is back in Florida and Paul is back at the hospital.  I'm doing my work around the house and other household things.  On the horizon Paul's brother is back from Costa Rica (he moved there in September) to join a startup of a eco business.  When you are out on a visa you have to return every 90 days for 2 weeks.  It will be great to see him and hear about his new venture.

Now with all this I bet you thought I didn't get any stitching but I did, wonders of wonders.  I have been working away on Jan Houtman's 9-11.  Here is my progress so far.

Thanks for stopping, I hope to have more on Madison's Sampler next time... well back to cyper shopping and other things..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

He would of been 94, he passed on Sept 1, 2001.  We also remembered my mother's birthday on Sunday, she would of been 86.. she passed on September 11, 1988.  An our son's 36th birthday, was Friday, we will be celebrating it in November when he comes to Virginia to celebrate, his dad's 65th birthday.

Paul's big birthday, has caused a lot of activity, from getting the guest room painted, to checking guest towels and other things, which has taken me away from stitching.   I usually try to get an hour in during the day, along with my usual evening stitching.  But I have been getting some genealogy ready to show Dan when he's here, and some family pictures that have restored.

Here is my restart of the Long Dog Bienvenue for Madison, I'm using Gumnuts Silk Stars. I love the light variegation with their threads, it gives such a softer look.

I also have made a little progress on the my 9-11.. Sorry for using the coaster, I really should iron this piece, but... well you know how that goes.

And you can see below that even with all the flurry of activity, the furry ones still rule!  Here's Annie (the mama cat)she loves the sun.  The tabby cat in the 2nd picture is Annie's baby, that's the beautiful "lucy", the white cat on the bottom is Annie's Beau.  They truly adore each other..

So back to the curtains, reframing pictures and other things. I'm still searching for a quilt or coverlet for the bed that will work.  I'm still determined to get some stitching in every night..hope you'all do too!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Is October almost over???

I have almost finished the first row of alphabets on JH 9-11.  Once all the way across I will finish that page of the chart and move backwards. (does that make sense?) If I haven't mentioned before, I'm stitching with Gumnuts silk which are lovely to work with and give a softer look.   I have decided to try them as for Madison's sampler, and some two other projects that I have in the works. 

I also have been doing more sorting of books and things.  My husband is in the process of painting our 4th bedroom which was our son's and guest room.  Well we haven't had our son there for 15 years and no guests so it became a junk holder.  So when I thought I had my office cleared out, my husband brought down all the books and stuff in the closet and in the room itself and dumped in my cleared out office.  So more to do, will this ever end... one day.. soon.  The reason for all the work and painting, it is because our son is coming for his father's 65th birthday on Nov 20. 

Along with everything else we are having a mite infestation in the ears again.  When Annie (the mom cat)brought herself and her babies to me they had mites.  We got all treated except Annie who is a little difficult to get too (she's feral - take a look under the cat pages this is explained), however she is getting much better, it still will take time.  I can pet her and reach down an pet her, but if I come to sit by her or anything in that close proximity she will run.  So there you are.  So at the beginning of October we notice the smell in Sasha and Lucy's ears.  But it was not just ear's Josh had an eye that at his conjunctiva is red and irritated, the vet when she visited today says it could be allergies but it could be his teeth.  We are going to try the ointment again, but I might have to get his teeth done.  An to kill typhoid ear mites, we are going to re-treat all the ears again... Here's Sasha after her ears were examined....

See the boxes in the background, I'm getting there.. with Sasha's and other's help...
Happy Stitching..

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Current WIPs ..

Well time surely does fly when your having fun,  HA!  I have been busy clearing out my parents and in-laws books.  We have about 4 boxes already to be donated to our local Public Library, but that won't be the end of it, I still have more to do.  We also have started clearing out a 4th bedroom, our son is coming up to visit in November to celebrate his dad's 65th.  Well, I we think he's coming... I purchased the ticket for him, but Daniel has backed out before.  Paul just brought all the books and pictures we had stored in the closet, down to my library so I can go through those...One day it will end, I hope.  Also we found two antique pictures of Paul's great grandmother and my great great grandmother, funny I thought those were in the basement. We also found more genealogy paperwork, that I have been hunting down (knew it was here somewhere) I have resumed researching four family lines.  Like my stitching, I work in genealogy research with sorting clothes and household items.

So here's what I have been working on:  Jan Houtman's 9-11, which I'm stitching on 40ct Ricamo (I hear Ricamo is no more now, sad)

Also, I have started working on Madison's Birth Sampler using DMC on Newcastle.  However I'm still not happy with the pinks.  I'm going to take a look at some pinks in Vicki's Silks, which I love (probably should of used them in the first place).  I'm using Vicki's Silks, on JH 9-1l, they are so lovely to work with...
An now for something on the light side.  Here's is the happy couple, Annie (the tabby) and Beau (her Beau) these two I think will always be a couple.. aren't they sweet.

Please disregard the discs on the table.....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sampler for Max is done!

I have been very tardy, very tardy.. well alot of things have turned things around and upside.  For one my BIL is leaving the states.  He has sold everything and is venturing into a company that builds wind turbines and other solar equipment in Costa Rica.  As a family we wish him all the best and success in this venture, but I'm very worried about the whole thing.  Mike lost his wife of 30 years to cancer in 2002.  He has been very lonely, then the 2008 crash, he has been out of work ever since.  In the past he has dealt with electronic equipment such has setting up home theaters, but that extravagance was immediately cut out of people's budget when the bottom hit. So only that is his knowledge base, not solar or other things along that line, and that is why I feel a little leery about this venture.  Also he does not have any health insurance, and will not till he 65.  So I will keep in my prayers, that this all goes well for him this time.

Also with my BIL liquidating all this assets, he brought his share of my in-laws estate stuff.  We got one part and Mike got alot of the Japanese and other things.  Well know we have all of it in my basement.  I had finally gotten my rear end moving, and had started going through my parents things right now mostly books and household things.  Now I have more, I wonder if I will ever get through all this stuff.  But I'm motivated now, so I will keep moving.

My husband also had two different surgeries for melanoma.  One they had to do twice and go deeper to get cleaner margins.  Then he just had another one done.  My husband is a fair skinned Norwegian, who wanted to look like me in the sun (I'm one of those mixed skinned people who tans)so it was not going to happen for him.  So he had a sore back for about a month, but their gone and the margins are clean.

But on the stitching front I have finished "Max's Birth Sampler".  Little Max who had just turned 5, and will be in all day kindergarten this year.. Big Boy.  So here it is....
DMC Threads and Ecru Newcastle Linen

So now I'm working on Madison's Sampler, it will be all with done with Pinks and light Greens, also on 40 Ecru Newcastle. I started stitching on it yesterday, in a few days or so (after I get batteries for my camera) I will take a picture of my progress.  I'm also picking out colors for her First Communion Sampler, which will take place in the Spring of 2012.   I'm also still working on Jan Houtman's 9-11, but I think I have figured out how to do a rotation. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer, mine has been alot more busier that usual, but somewhat productive... Jean

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have gone awol again

This time it was due to mechanical failure, my computer started crashing.  I have an old 2001 Compaq Presario, which has been working so well  Then it began slowing down, more and more.  Then the speakers wouldn't work with some video's.  It was all getting really frustrating to use, it took hours to load a page  Well we went in an saw that I had used up most my hard drive and memory.  We had been told that we couldn't add any more memory  So my husband said well I guess you'll get that lap top for your birthday. 

After some research I decided on an HP Pavilion G7,  it had the best write ups and user comments.  So we have been busy trying to transfer my system over to what I need to use on my lap top  I have now learned one hard lesson, that any software I down load I need to make a back up for and so I can reload it again.  Also the license keys   I will have to buy 3 programs again  Well live and learn.

Also, we have some illness again here, not me, but one of the babies (babies, they will be 2 in August).   Last weekend we had to take Max (the cat not grandson) to the emergency clinic  He came in last Sunday from the porch, and laid down and howled  He got walked some more and did it again  He didn't seem hot, but something wasn't right.   I have raised enough cats to know that.  So I called the emergency clinic and talked to them, thinking it may be stomach and that he might be blocked.  So off we went.  Well yes he was extremely constipated, an after two enema's he passed alot, but still had a little more.  That's what the x-ray's showed before and after.  He was sent home at 11pm with lactulose (the syrup he loves to hate, but takes like a trooper).  They also said to call my vet and have her check on Max in a few days to make sure that stool was moving.

She came yesterday (yes, my vet comes to my house) and we redid his blood work because she is concerned about Max's size (he's the larger of the 5 babies) also the lab at the clinic showed his sugar to be 237, which can be due to stress.  But she likes it to be a 200, so we are rechecking it and praying he is not diabetic.  Also she felt around and didn't feel any stool.  Good!.  I have seen him go, which is always just by chance, with 12 its hard to follow this group.  She is keeping on the lactulose for about another week. If this all sounds confusing about cats and how I got 12, read the pages on the left side bar.

So that is what has been going on here in 97 degree DC.  It's all suppose to break tomorrow, thank goodness  So give me some time to get my camera in sync with this lap top and some other things and I will be back to posting some stitching and other things.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Where have I been?

Well April was an awful month for me, with the tree pollen and grasses coming into bloom.  As I have gotten older things have gotten worse.  This time I had such a sore throat from all this stuff, that I could barely eat anything.  At first we wondered if it was strep, so I went to the clinic and no it was just extremely irritated. 

On Easter, we were to go to my goddaughters, but I wasn't in any shape to eat or even go out in the pollen world.  So that was disappointing.  But through it all I have stitched on and off.  As you can see..

And now for Max, who had birthday yesterday and he is 5 years old!  All I have to add now is the child of --- and it's done!
So that brings you up to the last two weeks. Well the first week in May I was finally feeling myself again, and so I spent the time just getting some house stuff got up. The week after Mother's day, Paul was off for some Dr appts and some little house trips that required both of us.  We now have a new storm door for the front and  mulch got put around.  We also went to Arlington National Cemetery to check on my parents grave site, not the most fun thing to do, but I also had some others I needed to pay  my respects. 

Well that's about it, have to get back to some other things, but I will be posting regularly now, and I will be visiting some of your blogs as well.  

Jean Currently Reading:  Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro

Monday, April 18, 2011

Updates on Max's Sampler and 9-11

I have been like most people in the east, fighting tree pollen.  I live in the woods, but unfortunately I'm also highly sensitive to oak trees.  As I have gotten older (almost 60) it has gotten worse.  So for the better part of last week I was really done in with my body working overtime to fight the allergic reaction, and with Benadryl.  However, all was not lost I did get some stitching time in. 

I'm really pleased with my little medallions worked out well for filler.  I just need to finish the border around his name, and add the child of, at the bottom. My goddaughter (mom of Max) and Max are coming over next Tuesday, so I should  have it ready for her.  Then wait to you see the pinks and greens for Madison's.

Now for 9-11, I'm on the last page of the top row of border medallions, when that is done then it will be on the two rows of the alphabet.  This picture doesn't show the subtle variegation of the black or brown, but it is so lovely.

As I said before if you haven't tried gumnuts silk threads (Stars) before, they might be worth a look.  They are bit pricey, but the skeins are 6 ply 8.75 yards.  I usually get mine from InStitches or AP Needlearts.  Here is a sample card.  You notice they are described as softly shaded, instead variegated, but that is what makes so wonderful if your looking for a soft color effect. 

Now please bear with me on the cat pictures.  I gave my husband a new digital Nikon last year for his birthday.  It has all the bells and whistles, so he plays with different programing when he shoots pictures.  Since I won't let him take pictures of me, he gets to use the cats as guinea pigs.
Here is Lucy and Sasha, they are both beauties, don't you think..

Thanks for stopping by....

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

150 years ago.... The Civil War started

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. As an Virginian, with a family that dates back to 1700's, an who had ancestors that fought on both sides, I have always felt deeply about the civil war.  I'm sure I'm not alone on that feeling either.  

President Obama has proclaimed the beginning of the Civil War Sesquicentennial and calls for all Americans to observe it with appropriate, ceremonies and activities that honor the legacy of freedom and unity that the Civil Ware bestowed on  our Nation.  

Presidential Proclamation--Civil War Sesquicentennial | The White House
The Virginia Historical Society has a program called, An America Turning Point: The Civil War In Virginia 
Also you might want to check out the  Virginia Sesquicentennial Commission   

I will post what events and articles come my way..
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Start of 9-11...

Well I couldn't hold out any longer, I decided to go ahead and start 9-11, since my lovely Ricamo arrived. Here its with my lovely Gumnut silks, it really is the effect I want.. more subdued than the stark DMC

Friday nite was spent whip stitching the edges and on Saturday I stated stitching.  I always start in the middle of the chart at the top, so this is the top row of the border..

Gumnuts silks are lovely to stitch with.. An they are subtle in color and varigation.  I'm working on a conversion for Needleprint's Mary Wigham to start after Long Dog Bienvenue.   Well Lucy wants me to come back and stitch...

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting there on Max....

Well the past few days things have gone slow.  As I have gotten older the weather seems to play havoc with my arthritis and my head.  A massive warm front came in Sunday, which laid me away a migraine.  Then my knee froze up, so stitching was a little difficult.  It just really set me back 2 days.  So here is Max's Sampler..
As you can see I don't have too far to go.  Just one more little design on the right, child of ---- and, the border.   I  can't wait to get started on Madison's.

Currently Reading:  Bonhoeffer, and Watching: Ken Burns, Civil War

Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Progress and things

Here is my progress on LD Bienvenue for Max...
As you can see I'm almost there.   So my next question is what to do next.  I have some Ricamo coming in a few weeks, but that's a few weeks.   The Ricamo is for (I think this will be my 5th attempt)  At Jan Houtman's 9-11.  I'm also going to use Gumnut's stars (which is silk) this time around.  Therse silks are lovely and more muted or softer.  I can't wait to start, this for sure will be the last time.
I forgot to mention that while I was at InStitches, last week, I found a new designer Blackberry Lane Designs.  She seems to do mostly Christmas theme.  I picked up her Nativity table runner, which I'm going to do as a framed piece.  You can take look here, its beautiful.

So now I'm back to what to do next.. I have two other new designs coming in mail sometime, soon.  But that still leaves me with what to do next, I was debating doing Jan Houtman's Patchwork, but to do Houtman's at the same time might be a bit much.  So I might just settle on a Quaker. Decisions, Decisions.

Well maybe you can help me mull that over as you look at few new pics of Annie, Max and Mortitia, and Lucy...
Annie and Lucy are identical, like mother(Annie) and daughter (Lucy), with only two exceptions; one, Lucy is brighter in stripes and marked perfectly; and two, Lucy is very outgoing and into everything.  Annie is still very fearful, but she a beautiful in her way.  She will run (not as fast, so she not as scared) when you approach.  I can pet her, that is (I can), so I think more progress gets made every day, still she has a long way to go.  One thing though, she still loves her Beau. Sometimes they still sleep together on couch, sweet. (I have to try an get picture).  Well that's the news for today.... please come back often,

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Woodlawn Report - 2011

Last Saturday I went to Woodlawn, it was much larger than last year.  They had 658 entries, which was up about 100 more from last year.  Last year broke  broke a record too.  Actually, I think the recession is getting people back into stitching again and actually finishing their projects, that's a good thing all around.  They received a lot more smalls this year than ever before, according the kind lady that runs the show.  The front room usually has some glass cabinets with entries, but this time it was full of cabinets, but it didn't hit me until I left.  They actually had to use the nursery room upstairs, that is usually reserved for demonstrations, for entries.
There also seemed to be more crewel entries this year.  There was a chair with birds and flowers that was out of this world (obviously they don't have grandchildren, children or pets).  Another piece or should I say pieces were in the Music Room, of a blue oriental designs all done in crewel, by the same entrant.  The peoples award was given to a Japanese Embroidery piece of cart and with flowers, it was stunning.  
Samplers were prevalent but not as much as last year.  JohnK, won a ribbon for J Houtman's Pansies.  He did it in muted colors, and as always stunning.  He had two other samplers entered as well.  My friend J, one a ribbon for her Sampler Cove, Rhapsody in Red, well done!.  There didn't seem to be much in the critter room either, but I did see two Charlie Harper Needlepoint designs that were lovely.  The Children's room was also had some things done by girl scouts which were well done.  The Christmas room had some lovely ornaments, one I'm trying to track down the designer, so wish me luck.  It was of cats with pink  background.     
As per usual they did not allow pictures.  I don't know what the reason was for allowing pictures last year to be set up of the winners in a album, and not this year.  I personally found it very useful, so I would remember pieces to specifically look for when I went to Woodlawn.   

Here is another wonderful report (oh she explains about the pictures)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well, what ever happened to last week, I sure don't know.  I have been trying to finish cleaning and sorting out a closet for my stitching stuff and making up several more goodwill boxes of estate stuff, and did I mention doing the taxes.  Yup, here it is almost April and I'm still fiddling with them (basically they are done I just need to go over them with a fresh look and send off). Oh and I went to Woodlawn's 48th Needlework show, but more on that later. 
Now on to the sad news.  I was working upstairs, Tuesday, listening away and recording "Warner Baxter's" birthday as they ran Crime Doctor on TCM, when at the end of one came TCM Remembers, well I first thought, okay it must be for "Elizabeth Taylor" when that lovely boyish face of "Farley Granger" came on, I was gasping, I just couldn't believe it.  But in retrospect he had done good, he was 85, and no ills or maladies, and I'm sure it was peaceful.   

Here is the news article from TCM

Apparently TCM doesn't deem him high enough for a tribute.  I had my own, I watched "Strangers on a Train".  But he will be remembered for so much more, his sense of humor, his wit and his talent (on stage and screen).  He will be missed.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Actress Elizabeth Taylor, has died.

I just can't believe it, all the news reports had said she was responding well to treatment, but that was weeks ago and lately we have heard nothing till the headline of her death was posted on the Washington Post.  My husband adored Elizabeth Taylor, the joke around the house was "your girlfriend".  I liked her earlier movies up to BUtterfield 8.

 She was a Virginian for awhile when she as married to Sen John Warner, which brought alot of attention and criticism.  She often made fun of us, by saying,  all we do is eat fried chicken.  But in fact I think she was bored at being just the "wife".  But for all of us she was still, Liz.  Beautiful Liz.  
(The picture Is of Elizabeth, on the set of Father of the Bride)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Royal Wedding's

Aren't these adorable,  a fellow blogger had it on her blog.. you can get see more and read about how you can knit your own royal set here

An if you want to keep yourself posted all the preps for Kate and William, well they have set up a blog just for all us anglophiles, it is my links section and here

Right now I'm busy trying to find the wedding souvenier china, I have all them for each wedding.  My mother was over there a week before Princess Di's wedding and she brought be back a mug. So then I look for the other's such as Ann and Andrew, and I have Harry's and Sophie's.

I also have the queen's silver anniversary.  I have to admit that after living there for a few months out of the year, I am complete anglophile.  Cheer's!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome's all around

Well Welcome! and Welcome is the subject of my current  sampler project.  I started  Long Dog's Bienvenue some time ago, I have everything done except the lettering which I'm going to finish or try to finish up this week.  So here it is so far.
So other than the lettering dilemma, I have the what to stitch next dilemma.  I need to resolve that one this week as well, since I will be able to get my LNS this week with aid of my goddaughter.  I don't drive anymore due to blindness in the right eye.  An because I don't, when I need supplies I order online which goes well most of the time (colorwise).  But when you can get live transport you don't want to let the opportunity go by. 
I have actually three things running through my head, one, is the girl Long Dog Bienvenue, for my granddaughter (I have all the threads) just need the fabric.  Second, to finally start and be happy with Jan Houtman's 9-11.  I picked out Gumnuts Silk, this time around. which are softer in tone.  However I have the blue wrong so I need to do my looking in shop.  I also need fabric. I think I'm going to use 40 ct Ricomo this time.  The third thing is Needleprint's Mary Wigham, if someone can tell how to get the PDF to enlarge.   With my eyes and even with mag eyes I can't see some of the symbols. 
I'd like to have a third one waiting in the wings but I can't decide.   Will keep you posted on that.