Saturday, December 17, 2011

Season's Greetings

The last three weeks have not been hectic with christmas things, but in health things and some home things.  My DH is needing some surgery, so we have been trying to figure out how to do that since I don't drive anymore.  The solution is our son will be coming home again in January to do the driving, thank goodness.  Also this week my husband took off to get some branches and yard work done, get the vehicles inspected, and just have some down time, so that all got done.  We also got more books and tapes to the library for donations, as we make our way through both familes estate and our stuff.  

I did get some stitching done so here it is.

Maybe one day I will have ironed this before I take a picture.  As I have said many times before I am really enjoying stitching this sampler.  I have tried so many times before but never completed one!  I really enjoy stitching on Ricamo, now they a discontinuing it, sad.  I can stitch on other Newcastle linens, so all is not lost.  But lets move on to something else, what do you do while your stitching?  watch TV, well what do you watch?  I watch old movies, I mean old.  But I also try out new ones when they come to DirecTV PPV, such as "The Help" 

I love this movie, since I'm from the south and this was set in my time.   It was so true, so true.  I had a black maid that raised me, and was with me for my formitive years 1-5 and a little after.  I stayed at her house, I never realized that she was not even related to me, she was always "Aunt Loretta".  Unfortunately she passed when I was 10, she fell asleep smoking in bed.  I hope Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastian and Emma Stone, receive a SAG, the preview to the Oscars.  Hope they get a Best Picture nod at Oscar time as well. 

This may be my last post before Christmas, so from our family to yours we wish you a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year".


  1. Hope all works out with your DH's surgery. I love your Jan Houtman piece -- it's gorgeous! As for The Help -- you need to read the book!!!!!!! Seriously. The book was absolutely wonderful. Or get the audiobook -- that's how I "read" it and it was so well done.

  2. Thanks Margaret, I just got it via my audible acct, so I can listen while I stitch. Funny thing I just saw it up at Target in Paperback, but I got my own copy of the movie and soundtrack, my christmas to me. Went to get my TSH done today, wish me luck I don't need to do radiation with DH issues, my son has enough to deal with. Wish you a Merry Christmas! I will be stopping by.


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