---Nelly's Memorial

Nelly (May 1993-June 2014)
Nelly came into our lives from the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington, FFGW.  We had recently lost our beloved Molly, a thin black beauty at age of 15.  So for some time I was looking for a little black girl, and then I saw her in a newspaper ad, so I answered it.  I went to be introduced to the little black beauty in May of 1993, she was a dream.  So I went back on Memorial Day to pick her up from Alexandria.   Nelly and I drove home to Stafford from Alexandria, passing the motorcycle brigade of Rolling Thunder on I-95.  She was absolute charmer, with her loud Siamese Meow when she wanted something or smelled chicken, pork chops, salmon or steak.  She lived a long and we would hope a wonderful life for 21 years.   But she too was ill with hyperthyroidism for two years prior to her death, quietly a month after Edward she went in her sleep.  She was a such beauty in her day, but now she's in my heart. 

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