Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some Stitching and things

Well here it is, my progress since a week or so ago....

Some how it doesn't seem like much, I have been a little busy with a very sick boy.  Max the larger of the triplets, became intestinally blocked again.  It has been a year, since this happened but not as severe.  We took off dry (well all of them are off of dry and on wet) However, we weren't as good as we thought we still gave them treats, which are dry, but small little quantities.  Well they are now all off "treats" and it hasn't gone down well. 

My vet came last Tuesday, and tried with a SS enema to unblock it, but no luck and he was still growling.  Agression is not in Max's DNA, he is the sweetest boy.  So we knew something was very wrong.   She tried accupuncture to relax his colon, (she actually was so shocked that she was able to put needles so near his rectum with out a flinch (I told her, he was good).  Well nothing.  So she took him to her house, she has a surgery room, with cages (but she is strictly a Home Vet). She gave him fluids on fluids and a med called cisapride and Miralax (which humans take).  Finally on Wednesday nite, I gave her permission to sedate him and go up there manually.  She got alot out.  Thursday we took him home, and he is still on the same routine.  Cisapride, Miralax and fluids (he only gets fluids once a day) but the rest I rotate through three times a day.  We have seen him go twice.  He really doesn't eat that much, but he does eat.  An he's happier to be home with us, even with a shaved stomach and butt. His vet wants to stay on this for awhile.

So here's Max, shave tummy and all
It's turning hot here in Virginia,  it will be in the low 90's tomorrow through Friday.  So its good some good things are coming up on TCM.  Tomorrow is Errol Flynn's birthday, they have a good line up.

So how leave you with Errol...
Errol - Charge of Light Brigade'

And my favorite.. Robin Hood.... hope you take a look tomorrow..