Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas to all...

Christmas seem to come so fast this year, one minute it was Thanksgiving and now its that blessed time "Christmas" wow where has the time gone.  I have been busy stitching away when I can since I started Ann Grimshaw... so here's an update
28 ct Ivory Cashel, Mulberry Gumnuts Silk, 1:1
I haven't been doing any genealogy stuff, probably won't resume in earnest till after the new year, but you never know.  I have been organizing my office and doing other stuff instead, like a little online shopping.  I have really been enjoy the holiday movies on TCM.. 

TCM Holiday Snapshots
Earlier this week a fan reached out wanting to see all the holiday spots we show on the air. We made this reel for him, and we hope you enjoy seeing this too. Happy holidays from everyone here at TCM!
Posted by Turner Classic Movies: TCM on Thursday, December 17, 2015
So Merry Christmas from warm Washington DC...
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving is over and on to new things..

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday, we did, a quiet one as always.  Its always just us and the fur kids. On the plus side, DH was off the day after Thanksgiving, so we got some household things done.  Now I wanted to get some stitching done, but I lost my 9-11 book.  I looked everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  No go. 

So I started something new, Ann Grimshaw. 

28 ct (Cashel) with Gumuts Silk Mulberry, over one
In case you aren't familiar with Ann Grimshaw, here she is..and you can read about her here
I'm really pleased with the start, its going well.  As far as the 9-11, I really want to move on with this sampler but the size bothers me, that's why I enjoyed working over one and I keep going back to working it over one.  But back to the lost chart.. I bind all my charts, with plastic sleeves and binding machine.  I sometimes have to take sheet out to work on per page.. but it keeps things all together and helps with damage control.  Well the bottom line was this, I ordered another one, so that's in the mail, and guess what, I found the chart, it was on my desk in my office.  I remembered I took it there to order some threads that I was running out of, I had written my conversion on the thread key.  But all is not lost, I did have some pages that are worn so I new chart will be least that's what I'm convincing my self with, sound good to you?

I have been doing some genealogy work as well, on my husband's side.  Paul is 50 percent Norwegian and English, and god knows what else.  So on his dad's side, which came from England original to Connecticut, then out to the plains, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois and then on to Washington state to finally settle, till Dad joined the Air Force and went all over, including Japan (part of the restructuring after the war), then to midwest and Virginia.   So I was working on his 3rd great-grandfather who turns out to of been a major figure in the Black Hawk War, in Kansas,         have a read..

So that was really interesting.. for those of us who are interested in this stuff.  Anyway it was something to do other than deal with depressing weather and news.  It has been dreary and wet here since Sunday and then came the horrible news of yesterday in California. It's becoming more and more a world I don't understand. 

Yesterday 12-3-15 Gloomy and dark

Today 12-3-15, Beautiful and mild... and will be for a while
So now I will leave you with, my daddy, today would of been his 96th birthday.. we lost him way too soon, he was only 56 in 1975 when he died of terminal cancer.  He served 25 yrs in the Navy and 25 years in the Dept of the Navy, and is buried at Arlington Cemetery.
Also Wreaths Across America, is short for this year..for placing wreaths for Arlington (because they burials increase per year) it only costs $15 for a wreath.  I donated in my dad's memory, as before.  (Actually both parents are there), but if you want to help, please if you can. 


Sorry to be so long with post.. will try to come back more often.. Thank you for stopping by.
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