---Woodlawn 2011

Last Saturday I went to Woodlawn, it was much larger than last year.  They had 658 entries, which was up about 100 more from last year.  Last year broke  broke a record too.  Actually, I think the recession is getting people back into stitching again and actually finishing their projects, that's a good thing all around.  They received a lot more smalls this year than ever before, according the kind lady that runs the show.  The front room usually has some glass cabinets with entries, but this time it was full of cabinets, but it didn't hit me until I left.  They actually had to use the nursery room upstairs, that is usually reserved for demonstrations, for entries.
There also seemed to be more crewel entries this year.  There was a chair with birds and flowers that was out of this world (obviously they don't have grandchildren, children or pets).  Another piece or should I say pieces were in the Music Room, of a blue oriental designs all done in crewel, by the same entrant.  The Peoples award was given to a Japanese Embroidery piece of cart and with flowers, it was a beauty.

Samplers were prevalent but not as much as last year.  JohnK, won a ribbon for J Houtman's Pansies.  He did it in muted colors, and as always, Stunning.  He had two other samplers entered as well.  My friend J, one a ribbon for her Sampler Cove, Rhapsody in Red, well done!.  There didn't seem to be much in the critter room either, but I did see two Charlie Harper Needlepoint designs that were lovely.  The Children's room was also had some things done by girl scouts which were well done.  The Christmas room had some lovely ornaments, one I'm trying to track down the designer, so wish me luck.  It was of cats with pink  background.     
As per usual they did not allow pictures.  I don't know what the reason was for allowing pictures last year to be set up of the winners in a album, and not this year.  I personally found it very useful, so I would remember pieces to specifically look for when I went to Woodlawn.
Here is another wonderful report     (oh and she explains about the pictures)