Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas to all...

Christmas seem to come so fast this year, one minute it was Thanksgiving and now its that blessed time "Christmas" wow where has the time gone.  I have been busy stitching away when I can since I started Ann Grimshaw... so here's an update
28 ct Ivory Cashel, Mulberry Gumnuts Silk, 1:1
I haven't been doing any genealogy stuff, probably won't resume in earnest till after the new year, but you never know.  I have been organizing my office and doing other stuff instead, like a little online shopping.  I have really been enjoy the holiday movies on TCM.. 

TCM Holiday Snapshots
Earlier this week a fan reached out wanting to see all the holiday spots we show on the air. We made this reel for him, and we hope you enjoy seeing this too. Happy holidays from everyone here at TCM!
Posted by Turner Classic Movies: TCM on Thursday, December 17, 2015
So Merry Christmas from warm Washington DC...
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving is over and on to new things..

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday, we did, a quiet one as always.  Its always just us and the fur kids. On the plus side, DH was off the day after Thanksgiving, so we got some household things done.  Now I wanted to get some stitching done, but I lost my 9-11 book.  I looked everywhere, and I mean everywhere.  No go. 

So I started something new, Ann Grimshaw. 

28 ct (Cashel) with Gumuts Silk Mulberry, over one
In case you aren't familiar with Ann Grimshaw, here she is..and you can read about her here
I'm really pleased with the start, its going well.  As far as the 9-11, I really want to move on with this sampler but the size bothers me, that's why I enjoyed working over one and I keep going back to working it over one.  But back to the lost chart.. I bind all my charts, with plastic sleeves and binding machine.  I sometimes have to take sheet out to work on per page.. but it keeps things all together and helps with damage control.  Well the bottom line was this, I ordered another one, so that's in the mail, and guess what, I found the chart, it was on my desk in my office.  I remembered I took it there to order some threads that I was running out of, I had written my conversion on the thread key.  But all is not lost, I did have some pages that are worn so I new chart will be least that's what I'm convincing my self with, sound good to you?

I have been doing some genealogy work as well, on my husband's side.  Paul is 50 percent Norwegian and English, and god knows what else.  So on his dad's side, which came from England original to Connecticut, then out to the plains, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois and then on to Washington state to finally settle, till Dad joined the Air Force and went all over, including Japan (part of the restructuring after the war), then to midwest and Virginia.   So I was working on his 3rd great-grandfather who turns out to of been a major figure in the Black Hawk War, in Kansas,         have a read..

So that was really interesting.. for those of us who are interested in this stuff.  Anyway it was something to do other than deal with depressing weather and news.  It has been dreary and wet here since Sunday and then came the horrible news of yesterday in California. It's becoming more and more a world I don't understand. 

Yesterday 12-3-15 Gloomy and dark

Today 12-3-15, Beautiful and mild... and will be for a while
So now I will leave you with, my daddy, today would of been his 96th birthday.. we lost him way too soon, he was only 56 in 1975 when he died of terminal cancer.  He served 25 yrs in the Navy and 25 years in the Dept of the Navy, and is buried at Arlington Cemetery.
Also Wreaths Across America, is short for this year..for placing wreaths for Arlington (because they burials increase per year) it only costs $15 for a wreath.  I donated in my dad's memory, as before.  (Actually both parents are there), but if you want to help, please if you can. 


Sorry to be so long with post.. will try to come back more often.. Thank you for stopping by.
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Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall has arrived, Thanksgiving is around the corner...

Well its almost two months but I have been so involved in house, history and some stitching.   So let me update you one by one.. The house, well that encompasses cleaning and other things.  The other things are the children (the cats - with two that need meds) also, sorting cleaning and weeding out of things.  I have been going through things that we have out grown in our tastes and other things.  Goodwill will be getting some large bags.  

Now item two, history, well its genealogy.. I have been working on getting two family histories done and re-documented.  They were written early, before so many records became available and there are alot inaccuracies.  Also most of them are based on family stories, which are not really primary sources unless you can document it, with birth, death marriage and even divorce certificates.  I have recently found some very interesting things along the way that I would like to share..

My 6th Great Uncle, Nehemiah "King" Wood,  was born in 1770 in Rileyville, Virginia, to Nehemiah Wood, Sr., and Abigail Grigsby Wood, my sixth great-grandparents who were both of Virginia. Though I have been unable to ascertain when and from where the nickname "King" evolved, its use as his nickname is documented in many places.  He is descended from the Wood line tracing back to William Wood, born circa 1350, in North Tawton, Devon, England.

In 1805, Nehemiah moved his family from Virginia to what became, in 1806, Raccoon Township in Gallia County, Ohio.

Excerpt about Wood Old Homestead.  Taken from the Gallia County, pp. 527-528, section
of Ohio Historic Places Dictionary, Volume 2.

Of note is that 100 freed slaves traveled with the Wood family to "the North" when they moved, and those men and women continued to work for him and live alongside him in Ohio throughout the rest of his life.

In 1805, Nehemiah bought Raccoon Township's first gristmill from Adam Ricabaugh.  In 1907, Walter Wood wrote this about the aforementioned transaction in this way:  "The First grist mill on Raccoon by Adam Ricabaugh in 1803, but was soon sold to Nehemiah Wood who attached to it a sawmill. Carding machine and fulling mill for dressing cloth. It was built at Adamsville."  Then, in 1806, he built a second gristmill nearby that Walter Wood described as being located "one mile and a half below Cora in Perry Township."

Nehemiah rose in prominence in the community; and, in 1819, he was honored to become the first Postmaster of the Woods Mill Post Office in Gallia County, Ohio.
Information on Woods Mill Post Office
courtesy of

In 1820, Nehemiah built the Old Wood Homestead, a federal-style farmhouse constructed from clay bricks manufactured on-site.  The Homestead served as the Wood family home, a stagecoach stop on the stagecoach line from Chillicothe, and an inn.  Additionally, cabins were erected on the Homestead's farm to house the freed slaves that had accompanied him from Virginia and were still working for him.

 Photos of the Old Wood Homestead Main Building
Nehemiah King Wood died on September 21, 1824, in Gallia County, Ohio, at the age of 54.  He was laid to rest at Watson Cemetery in Raccoon Township.  Upon his death, his sizable estate went into probate in the Ohio state courts, and the estate was not settled until 8 Apr 1825.  At that time, his widow and non-minor children were granted guardianships of the minor children, as well as given parts of the estate; and his outstanding debts were settled. 
You can read more about my Great Grand Uncle, legacy here 
Now for the third thing, well I have been stitching... so here are some updates...
First, Hope and Love  
40 ct White Newcastle, with Gumnuts Silks - Mulberry and Denim (pardon the quilt showing underneath)

Second, Jan Houtman 9-11
JH 9-11 on 40ct Ricamo, with own conversion of Gumnuts Silks

 Its been a year, with distractions on 9-11 but I work bit by bit, I hope to finish it by January.. at least that's my goal.  Hope, Peace and Love should be finished soon, I'm on the lower part and that's it, next I will do Ann Grimshaw. by Scarlet Letter.
I hope to do better, with posting more news bits some stitching, home life, and genealogy.. so here's a taste of Fall from the back deck...

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Update and new start

Well I thought I could move to a new page, which would of been the last of the 2nd section, then I discovered I had made a big mistake.  Can you find it.
See it, I didn't go under the brown open work on the left of the section on the far right.  So I ended up frogging one night, and correcting that section.  Its looking much better... see below.
28ct cream evenweave, with Silk Gumnuts threads, over one.
 I also have started a smaller new piece, which is designed by Jardin Prive "Halloween Quaker".
28ct Pewter Evenweave, Gumnuts Silks, over one.
Well school started this week, and the fall is upon us, but it's still muggy here in Virginia, south of DC.  Its raining here today, but its not enough to break up with ragweed in the air.. but there's hope.
Tomorrow marks the 14th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks.  But its also the  27th anniversary of my mother's death...miss her everyday.. She worked at the Pentagon for the Department of the Army. 

Mom (Audtey Seekford Cantley) with Glady's Hronik (her sister)1972 Williamsburg, VA
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

OMG, it has been too long...

Too much has happened that has kept me away from the blog, but not away completely from stitching.  As most of you will know we have a family of cats "Our kids", they live their lives just as we do, they are born, they get ill, they play, and they die.  Our Josh starting failing at the beginning of the Spring, and it was downhill from there.  After the 4th or July, I called my vet, she came the next morning he was so ready to go, he was so quiet when I placed him on the towel and held him as he departed this life.  I think he missed his buddy Edward, they were buds ever since they were babies.  But unlike Edward, I got him from another rescue, he came out of house where a man with Aids had been inbreeding a group of black cats, there were 20 in the house, Josh and his sibs where the babies they brought out first.  I fell in love him the moment I saw him, he was only 16 when he died.. but he's playing and sleeping with his Edward now.  So here is Josh's Memorial..

Then we had some health issues come up at the end of June, that's when I get my physical done (always around my birthday).  Well all bloodwork was okay, except my Vitamin D and Calcium.  She is always concerned about the small hump in the back (I have always been round shouldered since I have scolosis) but she felt another dexa scan for Osteoporosis was in order.  So I got it done, and I have marked established Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.  And to top it all off my GP is is transferring to a Kaiser office in Maryland.  So I had pick a new GP, which I have done, and then find a day Paul could be away from his patients to take me.  So I have an appt for Sept 25th, to find out what we do about this situation.  I know there are three drugs that they pick from, but I don't know what Kaiser's protocal is, also we have the Osteoarthritis that causes me pain.

But through it all the stitching goes on, it is my one solace in life..  I have almost finished another page on the 2nd section so when I have the next page, I will be about halfway through...
28 ct Evenweave, and Gumnuts Silks
I really enjoy stitching over one.  I have two other pieces that I need to bring up to date.. well soon.
I also have my Genealogy work that I do on both families, Paul's and mine.  I'm working to get certified in Genealogy, it takes time.  So that's about it, I really, really do promise to make updates on a regular basis, now that things are settling down.  So I will leave you Beau, who has now decided that sleeping by the phone is the best place...He is always happy...

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Belated Easter and Spring!!

 Its been over a month since my last post, so much has been going on.. hard when you think that I don't have children at home anymore, nor do I drive or get out in the world.  My genealogy work and the furry kids, especially Max, and 2 geriatric ones, keep me pretty busy.  I also manage to get some stitching in. 

For the past 3 weeks or so, I have been redoing JH 9-11 over one, I have gotten through 3 pages almost.  It takes about a week per page.  I started working over one, because I discovered that stitching on the frame on 40/over 2 was killing my back and shoulder.  At least that is what I thought, so that is why I started working over one as a test.  My back and should feel so much better, when I stitch and I can take my stitching where ever I go.  I keep it wrapped up in pillow case, and I use plastic box with handle to transport my threads (in bags) on a ring, and a the chart.  Sooo much easier. 
28 ct Monaco (over one) with Gumnuts Silk Threads            

So as you can see I just need fill in the three medallions on the left, and then its on to the 4th page, and I will have done the top completely, in a little over 4 weeks, with the calculation that it takes a week per page.  I think I'm enjoying stitching again, without the pain.  I still have pain most of the day anyway, since I have OA (osteoarthritis) almost everywhere (left hip, knees, neck and back). But now stitching is not contributing to that pain. :)

As you know baseball season has started again, the Nationals (Nats) are on a rocky road.  However my Orioles (O's) are doing well.  The boys here (hubby and his brother) root for the Nats, I root for my beloved O's.  Here's Max during the Nats Opener you can see he wasn't impressed.
As you can see he is doing so well, goes regularly and feels wonderful.  He plays with his brother, changes his sisters, and sleeps whenever he can.

So since Spring has started, I have spent the last two days, cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, washing them out, as well as the counters and such.  I still the pantry to do.  Yesterday Lucy decided to explore the basket I keep on the side counter.  I use it to keep chip bags, baking potatoes, and other things (so they are in one place and sealed up)
As you can see she was very happy, but I would imagine uncomfortable since I don't have a towel or anything in it.  I had just washed it.  Please disregard the med bottles in back (those are mine, actually), the other side is hubby's, oh well that was happens to some of us when we hit 60+.

Well happy Spring to all, and need to get back to household things..and of course stitching :)

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Out of the woods, hopefully.....

Sorry to be away for so long, we had a family crisis.  Our boy Max became ill again after the new year.  Max can develop chronic constipation at anytime, even though he has had a subtotal colectomy.  For cats a colectomy removes the large intestine so things don't have to travel so far.  Well he became blocked again, after weeks of home manipulation with our vet, increase lactalose, Cisipride (Propulsid which moves the bowel and is compounded for him special) and miralax still nothing. So on MLK birthday weekend we took him too the emergency clinic, he was there for 18 hrs, for enemas and fluids, they got a lot out, but he still had stool left.  We spent alot in that week alone, and he had gone through so much, he such a trooper and stays sweet through it all.  I called my vet and made the decision to have him put to sleep.  Our vet said lets try one more thing, so she kept him, she got him pooping and set him on strict schedule, which we stick too.

He came home with such a sore rump, but he made it.  He has actually lost a little weight on this new regime and the others are use to it.    He gets fluids 100cc 3 times a week (part of his problem is this cat will not drink, just a little) aslo he gets his lactalose and cisipride 3 times a day, and miralax 1/4 tsp.  He also gets a probiotic once a day.  For a while we were giving too much lactalose so he was doing liquid alot, so we cut the dose back.  I have to record all he does.  Good thing I'm a nurse by trade :)

Here's my boy, looking alot happier.. But in February I had dental surgery, which Im still getting over, but the back gums are better, still on a soft diet.

On top of all this and the snow, I have gotten some stitching done..
Hope, Peace and Love

Jan Houtman's 9-11
I have not done as much as I would like, I have had so much to catch up on since Max's illness.  I still have taxes to do.  But I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and feeling more comfortable about Max.   

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