Thursday, August 27, 2015

OMG, it has been too long...

Too much has happened that has kept me away from the blog, but not away completely from stitching.  As most of you will know we have a family of cats "Our kids", they live their lives just as we do, they are born, they get ill, they play, and they die.  Our Josh starting failing at the beginning of the Spring, and it was downhill from there.  After the 4th or July, I called my vet, she came the next morning he was so ready to go, he was so quiet when I placed him on the towel and held him as he departed this life.  I think he missed his buddy Edward, they were buds ever since they were babies.  But unlike Edward, I got him from another rescue, he came out of house where a man with Aids had been inbreeding a group of black cats, there were 20 in the house, Josh and his sibs where the babies they brought out first.  I fell in love him the moment I saw him, he was only 16 when he died.. but he's playing and sleeping with his Edward now.  So here is Josh's Memorial..

Then we had some health issues come up at the end of June, that's when I get my physical done (always around my birthday).  Well all bloodwork was okay, except my Vitamin D and Calcium.  She is always concerned about the small hump in the back (I have always been round shouldered since I have scolosis) but she felt another dexa scan for Osteoporosis was in order.  So I got it done, and I have marked established Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.  And to top it all off my GP is is transferring to a Kaiser office in Maryland.  So I had pick a new GP, which I have done, and then find a day Paul could be away from his patients to take me.  So I have an appt for Sept 25th, to find out what we do about this situation.  I know there are three drugs that they pick from, but I don't know what Kaiser's protocal is, also we have the Osteoarthritis that causes me pain.

But through it all the stitching goes on, it is my one solace in life..  I have almost finished another page on the 2nd section so when I have the next page, I will be about halfway through...
28 ct Evenweave, and Gumnuts Silks
I really enjoy stitching over one.  I have two other pieces that I need to bring up to date.. well soon.
I also have my Genealogy work that I do on both families, Paul's and mine.  I'm working to get certified in Genealogy, it takes time.  So that's about it, I really, really do promise to make updates on a regular basis, now that things are settling down.  So I will leave you Beau, who has now decided that sleeping by the phone is the best place...He is always happy...

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  1. Hi Jean, reading your story of Josh reminded me of our cat Cinnamon. She was 20 years old when we had to put her to sleep. She was having strokes and could not go out anymore and she loved being outside. I can feel your pain. Take care.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, it was a tough decision, and we really feel we waited to long, he was so ready to go and be with his buddy Edward.


Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..