The Cat House

The Cat House all started, well it will be 2 years this June 2011.  At the time we had 6 indoor cats, ranging in age from 16 to 8... That was until Annie and her boyfriend (Beau) appeared on the scene.  At first I ignored them,  I stopped letting our cats go out on the screened porch.  But my husband really felt sorry for them, especially since she was pregnant.  So we started feeding them, she had the baby and brought him to see me (let me tell you "it" didn't look like Beau.  Well we thought fine I could try and round her up after "it" is weened.  Well to our surprise, she got pregnant again.(a rarity when your nursing, but it can happen!).
So, In August she had the next litter, 3 girls and 2 boys. (1 boy from her first drop in June).  Well we really weren't going to keep this crew, but for her safety and the babies, we brought them in on the screen porch.  We nailed up the door so no screen was open. We waited till they were 6 weeks old and weaned, then we tried to adopt them out through either a rescue group or to safe people.  It turns out the housing mess took a more deadly toll on pets, and there was no room anywhere, short of the gas chamber.   So we set up to keep them.

In October we got a big dog crate.  We set it up in the basement, with food and litter box and bed.   This was for Annie (Mama Cat), she is basically feral.  Then before we brought Beau in, we got him neutered and his shots..  We took Annie around Thanksgiving, to be spayed and get her shots (not that she is going out).  That closed out 2009.  Annie through the winter stayed in crate,  till after we got the girls spayed and their kitten shots.

During  the storms of 2010, we had everyone upstairs, the only thing we did wrong was letting be upstairs in bedrooms.  We lost power for 3 days.  Not only us but the cats got kitty colds.  I had to wait till March, to get the first boy (Rhory) and the other two done, that is neutered and shots.  I was pushing eight months for Rhory, but the other two, seven months.  It all worked okay, and I was glad when they were all finished.  I met you are thinking, wow! what an expense.  But it wasn't we are fortunate here in the Stafford/Spotsylvania area of Virginia, that a wonderful lady set up a spay and neuter clinic, that costs 1/4 of what it would normally cost.  They also offer reasonable shot and vet care.  For vet care, I have a vet that comes to my house

How would like to meet Annie and Beau

And Now the Babies.....