Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stitching and an anniversary..

Audrey and Bernard Cantley, 1950 ..
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, they would of been married 63 years, but they only saw 25 years together when my dad passed with terminal cancer in 1975.  My mom passed in 1988.  I miss them everyday but especially on this day.  Im sure they are dancing on air in the clouds..

Still stitching away on JH 9-11.  My plan is to finish a page and then move back to Quaker Virtues. 
28 White Luguna, with Gumnuts Silks 
So as you can see I got a bit to do...  Its still hot and humid in DC, we are under a thunder storm watch until 9pm tonight.  Things are suppose to start to get a bit better.  At least today a breeze is blowing for those who are out side.  I have been enjoying the stitching and watching the first season of "Endeavor", Inspector Morse preclude its wonderful.  They are going to be working on a 2nd Season, which is great to hear.  Also on they are re-running "Case Histories" again, along with "The Bletchly Circle", can't wait for season 2 of that.. My DH is chopping at the bit for the new "Sherlock" which won't air until early 2014.  Well back to stitching and washing, with the girls to help.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm back...just lost my stitching mojo....

Well I have taken a little sabbatical from stitching.. but I'm back now.  Actually I have been stitching more on Quaker Virtues, which I started back in May. 
28 ct Cream Luguna, with Denim Shades of Gumnuts and Pink, stitched Over One
Just this past weekend I started Jan Houtman's 9-11 over one also...
28 ct White Luguna,, with Gumnuts Silks.
I'm also thinking of starting one of my Scarlet Letter Samplers, to add to the rotation.  Probably, Ann Grimshaw.  I just need to make a copy of it since its printed all on one sheet, which is maddening to work with.  I have the fabric and threads ready to go, cream Luguna with Gumnuts Wine Silk thread. 

On the personal and family news, I just celebrated by 60th birthday, it was a quiet affair.  Just me and thee.  Paul (thee) took off and we did some things during the week, which was nice.  We were suppose to go out with friends, but he became ill (seriously) and couldn't make it.   So with family in mind, I have been doing some genealogy work, getting ready to take a little trip to Front Royal and Richmond to do some research.  On that note I found a great local blog which points out some interesting history and facts about my hometown, Washington DC, check it out here.

We are getting ready to have another warm week here in DC, temps in the upper 90's with high humidity.. I really don't know what the big deal is, its July in DC.  Anyway it will be gone so they say by the weekend.  But it makes for a great stitching weather, and some other things that require time indoors. 

So I leave with as always with my Max, who is doing great (we poop regularly) he gets his Miralax twice a day and things go well.  But right now its nap time and he has discovered that I'm out the stitching chair, while I'm updating the blog...


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