Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stitching and an anniversary..

Audrey and Bernard Cantley, 1950 ..
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, they would of been married 63 years, but they only saw 25 years together when my dad passed with terminal cancer in 1975.  My mom passed in 1988.  I miss them everyday but especially on this day.  Im sure they are dancing on air in the clouds..

Still stitching away on JH 9-11.  My plan is to finish a page and then move back to Quaker Virtues. 
28 White Luguna, with Gumnuts Silks 
So as you can see I got a bit to do...  Its still hot and humid in DC, we are under a thunder storm watch until 9pm tonight.  Things are suppose to start to get a bit better.  At least today a breeze is blowing for those who are out side.  I have been enjoying the stitching and watching the first season of "Endeavor", Inspector Morse preclude its wonderful.  They are going to be working on a 2nd Season, which is great to hear.  Also on they are re-running "Case Histories" again, along with "The Bletchly Circle", can't wait for season 2 of that.. My DH is chopping at the bit for the new "Sherlock" which won't air until early 2014.  Well back to stitching and washing, with the girls to help.

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  1. Yes I am sure they are dancing still. That's a sweet picture of them.

    Very nice stitching...I really like the colors. I'm going to look up what kind of silks you are using. I've never heard of that brand.

    I see your helping are getting so much accomplished. That's how much I've been getting done lately too.

  2. Love the picture of your parents. So sweet! Your sampler progress is looking good too.


Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..