Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finally found the disc!

Well I guess your wondering what disc?  the disc to the software for the digital camera.  Paul kept saying I could download it, but no you can't.  He then thought he had it, since after all he's the one that bought me the camera for christmas, well nope he swore he looked and didn't have.  I then searched out for the kodak digital software for the old digital, which I found and got all together, when I had another flash and thought I would search his music/computer room one more time, and guess what I found the software disc.  So ta da, I can now take stitching, cats and whatever again and show them to my friends... So for tonight I leave you with Sasha, this is one I just pulled off the camera when testing that everything worked.  Tomorrow I will show all my stitching updates...

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