Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A late Merry Christmas..

Our Christmas is always very quiet, since it's just us and the kids (cats).  But this year we get a bonus since Paul's brother is living with us.  The good news on his front is he finally got a job, so that's good.   The idea didn't seem to catch on real quick around here, since I was sick the beginning of December, but slowly but surely I got things together for Christmas..

Such as the tree, which is a new little one (the other one the lights finally went).
Lucy with the new tree
All ready for Christmas
 Also had to finish those Christmas cards, with some help...
from Lucy
Finally I got some stitching time in on my "Happy Christmas"...
The two in the back are watching the birds and squirrels, during the rain we are getting here in Virginia.

In the been time I have put the my Jan Houtman 9-11, on the big frame in the living room, so I can working on that as well when I'm downstairs.

If I don't get back to posting I wishing everyone a Happy New Year.  Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas to me...

My K's Creations Floor Stand arrived and is up.  Thanks to help of my BIL, he's so talented.  I thought I was doing it right, but got stuck.  So we took it all apart and he started over.. so here it is.

As you can see it fits great with my work chair.  The piece I have up is Maxwell's (grandson)birth sampler.  I want to get it finished and framed, so I can enter it in Woodlawn this year.  So I will work on that downstairs and Happy Christmas upstairs.  I'm so thrilled.

We also did some shopping down in Fredericksburg today at Barnes and Noble, but other than some wrapping and getting some gift cards together I'm pretty much done for our small little family.

Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas is coming...

Been away again, this time it was bronchial pneumonia... I don't know where the heck it came from but boy did it hit me in my... well let's just say I was down but not out.  I didn't do much stitching, but I'm finally back to it.  Here's Happy Christmas set up in the baby Lap Frame...
40 ct Luna Lakeside Linen, with Gumnuts silk threads
I so wanted to have this done for Christmas, but alas no.  I'm almost there, but no cigar.  But I will keep marching on. 

Now rumor has it that Santa is bringing me a K's Creations Floor Frame.  I wanted a K's so I could switch out scroll bar frames between each frame so I could work either upstairs or down.  I find it so much easier and faster to work in a frame, also a little cleaner since my felines always surround me.

We also have another sick kittie, my senior "Nellie" she is 18, is now Hyperthyroid.  So we have put her on tapazole.  Her she is enjoying the sun...
 An now for the sad things in the world we live, the news of what happened in Newton, Conn has darkened our days and lowered our spirits, but we our a strong nation and we will lift up our hearts and pray and we will stand tall with those of Newton.

Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..