Monday, October 24, 2011

Is October almost over???

I have almost finished the first row of alphabets on JH 9-11.  Once all the way across I will finish that page of the chart and move backwards. (does that make sense?) If I haven't mentioned before, I'm stitching with Gumnuts silk which are lovely to work with and give a softer look.   I have decided to try them as for Madison's sampler, and some two other projects that I have in the works. 

I also have been doing more sorting of books and things.  My husband is in the process of painting our 4th bedroom which was our son's and guest room.  Well we haven't had our son there for 15 years and no guests so it became a junk holder.  So when I thought I had my office cleared out, my husband brought down all the books and stuff in the closet and in the room itself and dumped in my cleared out office.  So more to do, will this ever end... one day.. soon.  The reason for all the work and painting, it is because our son is coming for his father's 65th birthday on Nov 20. 

Along with everything else we are having a mite infestation in the ears again.  When Annie (the mom cat)brought herself and her babies to me they had mites.  We got all treated except Annie who is a little difficult to get too (she's feral - take a look under the cat pages this is explained), however she is getting much better, it still will take time.  I can pet her and reach down an pet her, but if I come to sit by her or anything in that close proximity she will run.  So there you are.  So at the beginning of October we notice the smell in Sasha and Lucy's ears.  But it was not just ear's Josh had an eye that at his conjunctiva is red and irritated, the vet when she visited today says it could be allergies but it could be his teeth.  We are going to try the ointment again, but I might have to get his teeth done.  An to kill typhoid ear mites, we are going to re-treat all the ears again... Here's Sasha after her ears were examined....

See the boxes in the background, I'm getting there.. with Sasha's and other's help...
Happy Stitching..

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Current WIPs ..

Well time surely does fly when your having fun,  HA!  I have been busy clearing out my parents and in-laws books.  We have about 4 boxes already to be donated to our local Public Library, but that won't be the end of it, I still have more to do.  We also have started clearing out a 4th bedroom, our son is coming up to visit in November to celebrate his dad's 65th.  Well, I we think he's coming... I purchased the ticket for him, but Daniel has backed out before.  Paul just brought all the books and pictures we had stored in the closet, down to my library so I can go through those...One day it will end, I hope.  Also we found two antique pictures of Paul's great grandmother and my great great grandmother, funny I thought those were in the basement. We also found more genealogy paperwork, that I have been hunting down (knew it was here somewhere) I have resumed researching four family lines.  Like my stitching, I work in genealogy research with sorting clothes and household items.

So here's what I have been working on:  Jan Houtman's 9-11, which I'm stitching on 40ct Ricamo (I hear Ricamo is no more now, sad)

Also, I have started working on Madison's Birth Sampler using DMC on Newcastle.  However I'm still not happy with the pinks.  I'm going to take a look at some pinks in Vicki's Silks, which I love (probably should of used them in the first place).  I'm using Vicki's Silks, on JH 9-1l, they are so lovely to work with...
An now for something on the light side.  Here's is the happy couple, Annie (the tabby) and Beau (her Beau) these two I think will always be a couple.. aren't they sweet.

Please disregard the discs on the table.....