---Cat Babies

So let me introduce to Annie and Beau's babies (though Beau is not the father of three of them).. that's another strange biological thing with cats that we won't go in too.. these darling have become a great joy.  It's been interesting for me, who as someone raised with cats, I never was the owner to a litter before, to be able to see how they interact and bond in groups (just like human baby siblings).   When they were little they all slept in clump together, on an afghan in the kitchen... (there are two missing, Sasha and Rhory).
Today they still sleep in clumps, but they mix also with my older group (we will get to them later).

Here is Rhory the oldest... He has become such a handsome boy...
An now the black triplets.  Max and Ishi are the boys and Mortitia (I always like that name) the girl, she is actually the smallest of all six.  Annie (Mom) was not a large cat, so it amazes me that she was able to carry this crew around.  But I saw and she did.. Max is on the left and Mortitia is on the right (she wore a color for awhile, because when they were all the same size we couldn't tell which was which.. with her it's the white spot on the chest)
Only one had problems when he was born, that is Ishi (which is Japanese for Strong Will, which he needed and has). At first he didn't move around like the others, he couldn't get to Annie to nurse. But he was so alert, he could follow you as you moved and talked to him, but his back feet didn't work, and his forearms didn't support.  I had my Vet come, she couldn't figure it out either.  His arms were a little puffy.  So she put him antibiotics, thinking it some sort of immune thing, and I hand nursed him.  It actually was a staph infection that got to his joints. I kept isolated in shoe box, and I carried around with me.  Once a day I would put him down to interact with Annie and his siblings..  Well he got stronger and better.  He now has something like double jointed elbows, but he can keep up with best of them and loves to play with his twin Max..
So here's the last two, and beauties they are.. Lucy (the tabby), guess why she called Lucy.. because she has her nose into everything.  And Sasha, who is the biggest love bug, next to Max on this earth (or my Ed.. who is one of my older).  Basically Sasha is one big lap cat.  I named her Sasha because I wanted her think she was a Russian Blue (Russian Princess).

Now you can meet my older group.. who is handling this crew okay..