Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lazy days...

Its been a lazy time since we recovered from the heat wave that over took DC the end June through the 6th of July.  Somehow I don't seem to of recovered, I have been running in 3rd gear ever since, but I'm slowly coming around.

As you can see I have been working again on "Happy Christmas"...
I also ordered the threads for "Mary Wigham" which I will also do with Gumnuts silks.  I don't plan on starting it until I finish "Happy Christmas" and get a little further on Houtman's 9-11.

The news has been sad again, so its time to say farewell to "Celeste Holm" and "Ernest Borgnine" He passing was such a surprise.
Celeste Holm, who passed away on July 15th.   I have two favorite films, which are probably everyone else's, "Gentleman's Agreement" and " All about Eve".  She was a driving force with others to help start my favorite channel TCM, she also a fellow Norwegian. Here's the tribute from TCM
Ernest Borgnine, who passes away on July 8th.  I really have only one film that I liked him in "Marty" and "Bad Day at Black Rock".  But we all remember for him for "McHale's Navy", which was my father's favorite show, being a CPO in the Navy and stationed in the Pacific  He also was a friend of TCM.  Here is TCM's Tribute

Tomorrow, July 18th starting at 8pm will be TCM's tribute to Andy Griffith.  I have to admit I didn't really enjoy many of his film appearances, except "Face in the Crowd" but I feel it does poke some fun at the south (put I might be taking things to personally)  I love it when, line by Walter Matthau, about having the vermouth blow a kiss, when making the Martini.  Hope you'all tune in.

TCM will also remember Ernest Borgnine, on July 26, no date has been announced for Celeste Holm.
On another note, the star of the month is "Leslie Howard"one of my favorites, and great company while you stitch.

An last but not least, Richard D. Zanuck, the man who had the insight to change way we seen movies.  He brought us "Driving Miss Daisy" and "Jaws".  

I will leave you now with Max getting fluids, this cat has to be the sweetest boy, he never moves and never complains, he is such a trooper.. such a joy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy Birthday America! The DC area is slowly but surely coming back from the "Derecho" we were hit with last Friday night.   Some people are still without power.  We lost power Friday night and it came back 36 hours later.  It was tough, by Saturday night my heart was beginning to feel it.  The temps were in the high 90's with the heat index at 104.  But thank goodness Sunday at 11am we got it back, unfortunately we lost everything in our fridge and freezer.  My biggest concern was Max's med, that has been compounded and needs to be refridgerated, but we kept it packed on ice. 

We have a big silver maple in the front which lost 2 branches, one landed on my husbands truck and the other part on our porch.  We lost a tree in back but no other damage.  But the neighborhood had some serious damage.  The wind during this storm were intense, we felt and heard the branches hitting the house.  We never had anything like that even when we went through hurricane Isabel. At least the village had power and AIR so we went out to eat and ran some errands.  This kind of storm is not typical for the area, and I hope they are right because I don't want to go through this again, for awhile.  We keep saying this every time we have to sit without power, but we are going to get a GENERATOR.  We lost one cat to the basement, but I finally got her out on Monday, and now when they hear a little thunder they scatter...We have had a few little thundershowers and rain since last Friday, like right now, but not with the wind intensity.

I have gotten some stitching done...
I made a small error on the right hand side of the cross, and while frogging cut a piece of the fabric, but I weaved it and I think it came out okay.. well I'm pleased, that's the down part of stitching over one, when you have to frog its tough. 

I hope everyone had a lovely 4th, we had a quiet one.. and stayed in the cool house. Watching "The Revolution" and "Yankee Doodle Dandy".  Its still hot here, temps are in the upper 90's to 100. It's suppose to hit 107 this Saturday, but next week it will be in the high 80's.  But its July in DC.

I leave you now with Edward who helps me while I stitch... and
Farewell to Andy Griffith, a true boy of the South... watching Andy of Mayberry was like going home for me.. Not to mention his friend was that Good Ol' boy "Don Knotts" from my own Morgantown, WVA..