Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Belated Easter and Spring!!

 Its been over a month since my last post, so much has been going on.. hard when you think that I don't have children at home anymore, nor do I drive or get out in the world.  My genealogy work and the furry kids, especially Max, and 2 geriatric ones, keep me pretty busy.  I also manage to get some stitching in. 

For the past 3 weeks or so, I have been redoing JH 9-11 over one, I have gotten through 3 pages almost.  It takes about a week per page.  I started working over one, because I discovered that stitching on the frame on 40/over 2 was killing my back and shoulder.  At least that is what I thought, so that is why I started working over one as a test.  My back and should feel so much better, when I stitch and I can take my stitching where ever I go.  I keep it wrapped up in pillow case, and I use plastic box with handle to transport my threads (in bags) on a ring, and a the chart.  Sooo much easier. 
28 ct Monaco (over one) with Gumnuts Silk Threads            

So as you can see I just need fill in the three medallions on the left, and then its on to the 4th page, and I will have done the top completely, in a little over 4 weeks, with the calculation that it takes a week per page.  I think I'm enjoying stitching again, without the pain.  I still have pain most of the day anyway, since I have OA (osteoarthritis) almost everywhere (left hip, knees, neck and back). But now stitching is not contributing to that pain. :)

As you know baseball season has started again, the Nationals (Nats) are on a rocky road.  However my Orioles (O's) are doing well.  The boys here (hubby and his brother) root for the Nats, I root for my beloved O's.  Here's Max during the Nats Opener you can see he wasn't impressed.
As you can see he is doing so well, goes regularly and feels wonderful.  He plays with his brother, changes his sisters, and sleeps whenever he can.

So since Spring has started, I have spent the last two days, cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, washing them out, as well as the counters and such.  I still the pantry to do.  Yesterday Lucy decided to explore the basket I keep on the side counter.  I use it to keep chip bags, baking potatoes, and other things (so they are in one place and sealed up)
As you can see she was very happy, but I would imagine uncomfortable since I don't have a towel or anything in it.  I had just washed it.  Please disregard the med bottles in back (those are mine, actually), the other side is hubby's, oh well that was happens to some of us when we hit 60+.

Well happy Spring to all, and need to get back to household things..and of course stitching :)

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