Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Progress and things

Here is my progress on LD Bienvenue for Max...
As you can see I'm almost there.   So my next question is what to do next.  I have some Ricamo coming in a few weeks, but that's a few weeks.   The Ricamo is for (I think this will be my 5th attempt)  At Jan Houtman's 9-11.  I'm also going to use Gumnut's stars (which is silk) this time around.  Therse silks are lovely and more muted or softer.  I can't wait to start, this for sure will be the last time.
I forgot to mention that while I was at InStitches, last week, I found a new designer Blackberry Lane Designs.  She seems to do mostly Christmas theme.  I picked up her Nativity table runner, which I'm going to do as a framed piece.  You can take look here, its beautiful.

So now I'm back to what to do next.. I have two other new designs coming in mail sometime, soon.  But that still leaves me with what to do next, I was debating doing Jan Houtman's Patchwork, but to do Houtman's at the same time might be a bit much.  So I might just settle on a Quaker. Decisions, Decisions.

Well maybe you can help me mull that over as you look at few new pics of Annie, Max and Mortitia, and Lucy...
Annie and Lucy are identical, like mother(Annie) and daughter (Lucy), with only two exceptions; one, Lucy is brighter in stripes and marked perfectly; and two, Lucy is very outgoing and into everything.  Annie is still very fearful, but she a beautiful in her way.  She will run (not as fast, so she not as scared) when you approach.  I can pet her, that is (I can), so I think more progress gets made every day, still she has a long way to go.  One thing though, she still loves her Beau. Sometimes they still sleep together on couch, sweet. (I have to try an get picture).  Well that's the news for today.... please come back often,

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  1. Such beautiful progress! I love your cats too!


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