Monday, April 11, 2011

Start of 9-11...

Well I couldn't hold out any longer, I decided to go ahead and start 9-11, since my lovely Ricamo arrived. Here its with my lovely Gumnut silks, it really is the effect I want.. more subdued than the stark DMC

Friday nite was spent whip stitching the edges and on Saturday I stated stitching.  I always start in the middle of the chart at the top, so this is the top row of the border..

Gumnuts silks are lovely to stitch with.. An they are subtle in color and varigation.  I'm working on a conversion for Needleprint's Mary Wigham to start after Long Dog Bienvenue.   Well Lucy wants me to come back and stitch...

Currently Reading:  Bonhoeffer, and Watching: Upstairs Downstairs

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  1. Beautiful! Love the colors! I've never worked with Gumnuts, but I have a few in my stash that I'd like to try sometime. Nice to know they're nice to work with!


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