Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

He would of been 94, he passed on Sept 1, 2001.  We also remembered my mother's birthday on Sunday, she would of been 86.. she passed on September 11, 1988.  An our son's 36th birthday, was Friday, we will be celebrating it in November when he comes to Virginia to celebrate, his dad's 65th birthday.

Paul's big birthday, has caused a lot of activity, from getting the guest room painted, to checking guest towels and other things, which has taken me away from stitching.   I usually try to get an hour in during the day, along with my usual evening stitching.  But I have been getting some genealogy ready to show Dan when he's here, and some family pictures that have restored.

Here is my restart of the Long Dog Bienvenue for Madison, I'm using Gumnuts Silk Stars. I love the light variegation with their threads, it gives such a softer look.

I also have made a little progress on the my 9-11.. Sorry for using the coaster, I really should iron this piece, but... well you know how that goes.

And you can see below that even with all the flurry of activity, the furry ones still rule!  Here's Annie (the mama cat)she loves the sun.  The tabby cat in the 2nd picture is Annie's baby, that's the beautiful "lucy", the white cat on the bottom is Annie's Beau.  They truly adore each other..

So back to the curtains, reframing pictures and other things. I'm still searching for a quilt or coverlet for the bed that will work.  I'm still determined to get some stitching in every night..hope you'all do too!

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  1. Those birthdays are hard no longer how long it's been, when the loved one isn't there to celebrate with. I hope you have a great visit with your son!

    Love the silk colors--so bright and cheerful! Your cats are adorable.


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