Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Actress Elizabeth Taylor, has died.

I just can't believe it, all the news reports had said she was responding well to treatment, but that was weeks ago and lately we have heard nothing till the headline of her death was posted on the Washington Post.  My husband adored Elizabeth Taylor, the joke around the house was "your girlfriend".  I liked her earlier movies up to BUtterfield 8.

 She was a Virginian for awhile when she as married to Sen John Warner, which brought alot of attention and criticism.  She often made fun of us, by saying,  all we do is eat fried chicken.  But in fact I think she was bored at being just the "wife".  But for all of us she was still, Liz.  Beautiful Liz.  
(The picture Is of Elizabeth, on the set of Father of the Bride)

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