Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well, what ever happened to last week, I sure don't know.  I have been trying to finish cleaning and sorting out a closet for my stitching stuff and making up several more goodwill boxes of estate stuff, and did I mention doing the taxes.  Yup, here it is almost April and I'm still fiddling with them (basically they are done I just need to go over them with a fresh look and send off). Oh and I went to Woodlawn's 48th Needlework show, but more on that later. 
Now on to the sad news.  I was working upstairs, Tuesday, listening away and recording "Warner Baxter's" birthday as they ran Crime Doctor on TCM, when at the end of one came TCM Remembers, well I first thought, okay it must be for "Elizabeth Taylor" when that lovely boyish face of "Farley Granger" came on, I was gasping, I just couldn't believe it.  But in retrospect he had done good, he was 85, and no ills or maladies, and I'm sure it was peaceful.   

Here is the news article from TCM

Apparently TCM doesn't deem him high enough for a tribute.  I had my own, I watched "Strangers on a Train".  But he will be remembered for so much more, his sense of humor, his wit and his talent (on stage and screen).  He will be missed.

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