Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Working on the last row...

Well I'm finally on the last row of Happy Christmas, I so want to finish this.. So I can start Ann Grimshaw from Scarlet Letter.
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 I have made some excellent progress on Jan Houtman's 9-11...
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It really is coming along, really enjoyable when I'm taking a break downstairs.  The weather here as been really strange, it's been warm the past few days but this evening a cold front is pushing through with some strong winds.  They have assured us all that this will not be a repeat of the Derecho that we had last June that left us without power for 3 days.  Unfortunately it is suppose to hit around dinner time.  The temps will be back in the 40's with the hint of flurries.  Last week it was freezing here, and down in the teens at night. 

Im almost through my biography of Loretta Young, and we are down to last week of her films.  Starting February 1st we begin 31 days of Oscar, most the time its alot of the same, that they show but this year they are showing it by Studio, starting with Warner Bros, first. 

As far as Downton Abbey, I have a mixed feeling about it, having it for just an hour you really don't have a chance to get the meat of any story line, there are so many things going on at the same time.  But I'm still watching. 

I leave you with Lucy who was busy helping me with the grocery list...

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  1. Your stitching looks great! Lucy looks so content. lol!

  2. Lucy is adorable! Nice progress on your stitching.

  3. Lucy looks so regal and beautiful. Your stitching is amazing, you have such good taste in charts.


Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..