Friday, April 5, 2013

Progress...ah beautiful spring!

I have made some solid progress on Quaker Virtues...
28 ct Cream Lugana, with Gumnuts threads
Im going to be adding the cranberry for the letters, and gold for little motive fillers and light blue for the "Virtue"words.. At least that's my plan so far, I might get the other 2 colors of the blue (which is Denim in the Gumnuts line, and 2 shades lighter in the Cranberry.  What do you think?

It has been a glorious day, in the upper 60's, a day one should really be outside not inside stitching and sorting out things.. but alas I have been working through 20 years of magazines, Victoria, Southern Living, Bon Appetite, Coastal Living and some others, they have to go... or a least be thinned down.  The one group of magazines that will never go, is my "Just Cross Stitch" and "Samplers and Antique Quarterly".
However today was not only glorious temperature wise, but it was Melvyn Douglas day on TCM. Today is Mr Douglas's birthday, they had a great lineup of his 30's movies, "The Shinning Hour", "Toy Wife", "She Married her Boss", "I'll Take Romance", "Prestige", "Fast Company", "Our Wife" and one I had never seen "Dangerous Corner", the DVR is running on.  But tonight they are starting a new feature with Cher.
She will introducing films she has chosen featuring "A Woman's World" from working women to motherhood and women on the home front during the war years.  Now you are probably wondering why Cher, well she is a big classic movie fan.  Tonight's lineup is "motherhood" starting with "Mildred Pierce", then "Stella Dallas" which Barbara Stanwyck at her best, "Penny Serenade", "Bachelor Mother" and "Made for Each Other".  These are all wonderful movies... this feature will be shown every Friday evening starting at 8pm, if you want to learn more check it out HERE.

So tonight I will be stitching on with Cher's picks, but for now I will leave with..

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Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..