Thursday, January 16, 2014

Slow progress....

It has gone a bit slower the past few days, I had others things taking away my stitching time.  I had my sciatica kick in , so sitting for long periods were little difficult.  So here is where we are.....
40ct Newcastle Cream, with Gumnuts and HDF Silks.

I just have the right side to finish... then on to the Our Father which I'm doing in English.  I'm not sure I will make my goal for the end of January, I keep marching on...

I guess all of you have seen Downton Abbey, episode 3, wow was that a shocker!.  Poor Anna, and like many of you I didn't get much sleep it really bothered me.  it took me awhile but, I can see why she won't tell Bates, because she's right he would kill him.  I feel that there might be justice on the horizon, because Mrs. Hughes knows and she saw the state Green was in when he came back to the concert.  If you belong to any of the Pages on Facebook, there is one for Downton Abbey, another for Downton Abbey Season 4, and a Fan club.  People are so hot on this subject, swearing they will never watch again.  I posted that I guess no one remember PBS "Jewel In The Crown" 1984.   It is a classic book from the four written by Paul Scott "The Raj Quartet".  It was set in  late 1930's just as WWII was starting and Mr. Ghandi wanted Independence for India.  So a few episodes into the story, they showed a nice love making scene between Hari (Art Malik, and Indian) and Daphne Manners (Susan Woolridge) an English Lady, it was very discretely done.  Then they get attacked by four Muslim boys who gang rape Daphne and tie up Hari.  It was done very well, you didn't see anything much and you got the idea and horror.

In today's world rape is still an issue and in this country and UK, but woman are not treated as property anymore, and have more rights (however that does not heal the situation)  but it helps more than it did in 1920 when woman had NO rights.  In India woman still have no rights, and gang rape still continues.. so these issues are relevant to depict in historical and social story lines.  I didn't stop watching "Jewel In The Crown"and I won't stop watching "Downton Abbey. 

Here some input from UK Paper.  And don't forget SHERLOCK started Sunday, 19th after Downton.

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Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..