Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two weeks behind, well almost

I have been tardy, we have had alot going on.  My BIL moved in with us last week, so I have spent alot of time getting him set up to our wireless system, getting the things he needs and so forth.  He runs a green business in Costa Rica, but he lost his US base of operations.  He had been living with his daughter, but she has 3 teenagers and a dog, and a very busy schedule.  Then he rented a room from someone, and the situation was so weird.  So he asked if he could base himself here when he is in the US, and we didnt have problem with it.   He doesn't eat with us, he just goes about what he needs to do with the business from this end.  He will have to go back to Costa Rica, but he will be coming back this way.  But its great with him here, because it gives another driver, since we had car that needed to get to the shop. 

Anyway he is very supportive of my stitching, here is the latest progress...

Jan Houtman 9-11, Gumnuts threads and Ricamo

Other wise its been very quiet, we had touch of snow this past weekend but nothing.  But Spring is coming it is suppose to be in the 60[s to the 70's on one day.  The other bright spot coming around the corner is "Woodlawn Needework Show" will be running the entire month of March, but more on that later.

I will leave with Lucy, who always likes to pose...


  1. How welcoming of you to have your BIL use your place as his base while in the US. That's great that it will work out for you all. Love your Jan Houtman -- very nice progress! Lucy looks like s sweetie!

  2. Beautiful progress. Your cat looks so serene, no one can pose so well as a cat.

  3. Lovely stitching! I hope all goes well with your BIL living with you--it's always nice to have a fan of your stitching! ;)


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