Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update and Taste of Winter

They keep saying that we will get snow, my head yesterday felt like snow or something.  But today no, it doesn't feel that cold outside, but its is cloudy.   My husband called asking if it was doing anything, I said No.  He said they are planning on closing the government early.  I'm sure its just to cover themselves for west and north of the district.  We should just get rain.  Apparently there are those that really want SNOW, and are sooo sad that nothing has happened but not me.  Two years ago we were sitting in our house for 4 days without power, due to our power pole going down and cutting the electric.  By day 4 my feet were getting frozen, even with double layers and a fireplace going non stop. I never want to go through that again.  My plan is a GENERATOR. in the future.  So missing two winters since without SNOW, thrills me no end. 

But on to the stitchy things. Here is my update on JH 9-11.
I still have a little more to do on this page.   I'm really pleased on how the Umbrage from HDF has worked out.

I have finished the "The Kings Speech" it highly recommend it.   I'm holding off a bit before I start listening to "The Help"  There is a hardback book that need to finish, called "The Perfect Nazi" which a interesting book about how the grandson of a Nazi uncovers his family history.  As a family genealogist I have found it very interesting and I really would like to finish it.

As I have mentioned before I like most of America have been watching "Downton Abbey".  I just really can't stand the way they have chopped it up to fit their time slots.  This week we get a 2 hr episode, which is a blessing.  I also have joined the many thousands that follow "Downton Abbey" on Facebook, and was shocked by the news that Shirley Maclaine will be joining the cast for Series 3.  I mean really is this necessary.  There are few that have commented on Facebook, who also feel this is horrible choice, if they really must introduce  someone as "Cora's" mother.  Again, PBS pays out big bucks, which for all their pleas, petitions and pledge drives most stations will close without funding.  Funding that the Government will stop, they have had reprieve but it will happen for sure.   I realize that Masterpiece is somewhat protected with a trust, but I just wish they would not go for the Americanization and running down of what we all look forward to every Sunday night.  Not sure I have made point, I'm just another viewer who is concerned.

I leave you now with Lucy....



  1. I so agree with you about the weather. No snow would be great to me! I want us to save for a generator as well. Love your 9/11 piece.

  2. Downton is one of the few porgrammes that I will watch. I think the third series starts in March in the UK. There were lots of complainst in the UK about how many commercials were shown in the second series, I wonder if the third will be different.

    Shirley Mclaine will have a job competing against Maggi Smith and her one liners.

    You will enjoy reading or listening to The Help.

  3. Hi Jean, I have come upon your blog thru your post at yahoo sampler life. I enjoyed reading your post and will visit often. Your 9/11 stitch is looking beautiful. Love all your adorable kitty cats! Enjoy your weekend.


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