Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome back JH 9-11

I decided to bring out JH 9-11, so I can finish the section across.  I had to go back to the original silk conversion for the yellow used in the cross and other places.  JH calls for DMC 833 (brass) to be used, but I have used Viki's HDF coversion for it instead of the goldish color from my original Gumnuts Silks.  The goldish yellow just didn't show well at all.  I am very pleased how HDF worked out. 


I just got the silks and fabric for my "Monticello" sampler, but that is further down the road,  I chose Lakeside Linens Vintage Luna 40ct.  I'm getting use to Lakeside Linen, my Ricamo days are gone. 

I'm almost finished with "The Kings Speech", I have been really bad lately only listening to about hr or hr and half.  I have back watching old movies again.  TCM has had two premiers lately and so TV is being viewed more than stitching.    We also watch PBS.  Mainly Season 2 of Downton Abbey, which is alright, but has been a real disappointment.  There doesn't seem to be much meat on it.   Things are sort of glossed over, new characters are introduced without much depth or dimension, unless they are just a nasty piece of work like "Mrs Bates".  As with the first one, the one that stands out is "Dame Maggie Smith".  The other problem is they have chopped it up too much, since we  are only getting it in hour intervals except the first episode and the last.  It concerns me that PBS is not managed well, that they have decided to just spend oodles in these dramas in hopes to get members, yet they still crying foul if congress threatens to cut their money.  Even here in DC, we get 3 local PBS stations they are all crying for money, all the money.  I get emails, mail and so on constantly.  Oh one more thing about programing, they always show repeats, no new American Experience the one thing that really interests me on PBS.   How are you stations doing? do you get bombarded as well?  perhaps I'm to picky.  But I like I'm sure some of you remember when PBS started, and how things have changed. 

If your interested in Classic Movies, TCM will be starting its 31 days of Oscars.  This year they grouping things by places, Europe, England, Spain and US, Midwest and so forth.  So it looks interesting. 

I leave with Sasha and Lucy, the sisters that either like each other one minute or are killing each other the next....


  1. Your 9/11 piece looks wonderful. Love the pic of your cats too!

  2. I have been thinking of getting the Kings Speech as an audiobook, do you recommend it?

    Maggie Smith certainly steals the show on DA. We should be getting the third series in March in the UK. I think Shirley Mclaine is going to be in it !!!

    1. Yes "The Kings Speech" is wonderful to listen too. The reader is most enjoyable. I down loaded mine through Audible. I'm not so sure having Shirley Mclaine is a good fit, she is a fellow Virginian, but we will have too see I guess.


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