Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back to some normal.

We had nice visit with Daniel, it is always so strange when he leaves.  However the cats like it when he's gone.  Max just growled at him every time he saw him, Rhory lived in the closet, but he came out to eat (since he can get to the laundry room without going through main family rooms).  But all has returned to normal. 

Here's No 1 son Sunday before his dad took him to National Airport.  You can't see it  but we had a little snow Friday nite to Saturday, so he took some pictures to show the kids.  What the snow did was usher in was the damp cold.  We went out Saturday, Dan and I went to Fredericksburg so he could pick some things up and then we went over to the other side of Fredericksburg (the commercial side) to a place called "Central Park".  Its has all the box and chained stores, and more recently and Expo Center.  Paul went to the Expo Center to a "Train Show".  So we met up with him and then went to lunch at Crackle Barrel.  So a fun day but a cold day. 

However after either being out in the cold or around Paul, my cold came back again on Sunday and Monday I was miserable.  The nose running, the malaise, the cough and still so short of breath.   Well Tuesday was doctor appt day for me.  I had made an appt for my knee and to look at the other knee (which is now affected), when we thought Paul would be off recouping from the surgery that didn't happen.  I also made an appt on line with my PCP when I first was affected with the nasal cold, to be seen after the Ortho appt.  So Paul was off and we went.  The news on the knees aren't good.  She had new xray's taken.  The osteoarthritis is worth in the right knee.  The left not so bad.  (I have had no cartledge in my knees since I was 12), My ortho at that time said this would happen and he wanted to surgery then, but my mother did not want to scar my knee. So I gave up all PE Classes, continuing my summer internships at Julliard, and other activities. But perhaps it will happen now, since she recommended that have a knee replacement surgery done.  But so much is involved in hospitalization and post care, not to mention that it would be done more than an hour away from where we live.  My ortho says I can continue with cortisone shots and some pain control, but if the shot is only lasting 2 months and she can only give it to me every 4 months then she wants me to consider it for movement and less pain in the right knee.  So I'm researching and I will make appt to talk to ortho surgeon to see if we can manage the logistics of this, and if it is something I want to do. 

But on too more pleasant things. Last night and believe it or not while Dan was here I did some stitching, here's the update on "Happy Christmas"
The green's are actually different, one is darker than the other but I don't think it's coming up well.  An can you believe it I actually ironed it.

I'm up to Chapter 11, on the listening to the "King's Speech".  When finished with this one, I plan on listening to "The Help".  While Dan was here, I had him watch it, he loved it.  We both hope that the three nominated "Jessica Chastin, Olivia Spencer, and Viola Davis", win!

I leave you with Max, who is just hanging around...


  1. Cute Max! Your stitching looks great! Glad you had time with your DS too.

  2. You will love The Help as an audio book.

    I enjoyed reading your post, always great to have a visit from a DS. I hope that you are feeling better soon and that you can sort out your knees

  3. I'm glad that you had a good time with your DS! Nice progress on your stitching. You will LOVE listening to The Help! It's one of my favorite audiobooks.


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