Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time away

Paul's surgery got cancelled, he has bronchitis.  This wonderful cold that two weeks ago that he gave to me, laid me away for one weekend, then got better last Tuesday has come back to bite him.  He started sounding congested by last Wednesday and by Friday, when he had his pre op it was decided not to go ahead with the surgery (we pretty much had reached that decision before he went).  But what to do about Daniel.  Well Daniel decided to come up, rather than waste the plane ticket.  So I have spent the better part of this week getting ready for his visit.  I had some surprises for him, such as the "Prohibition, by Ken Burns" and some others that I did.  We have a DVR, so I usually record the American Experience and other things for him.  Also I got one late Christmas present for him "The War" by Ken Burns, the book.   Also, I have been getting some genealogy things lined up for him to go over and pictures.  I have been working on our two lines and cataloging some pictures.

But even with all this, I have gotten some stitching done, just don't have the time to iron it and take a picture  But I promise I will once "the prince" has left and has gone back to Florida.   

Its nice to have him here, tomorrow we are planning to do the genealogy work and he will take me shopping and to lunch.  Saturday there is a train show here in Fredericksburg, so Paul is glad that he can go now (if he had had the surgery he wouldn't of been able too) but now he can, and Dan and I are going to do our own looking around down in Fredericksburg and will meet him for lunch.  Sunday breakfast and Dan leaves to go back to Florida, sad.  He brought me some pictures of Gabriel which was a nice surprise. 

Oh and on the surgery front, Daniel's business slows a bit end of March and April when the snowbirds leave to go back North. So that's the time frame we are working on. So we get to see him again, in the not so distant future.


  1. I hope your DH gets better. Nice that your DS is still coming. And nice that you'll get to see him again when the surgery happens.

  2. I hope that your DH is better and that you have a great visit!


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