Thursday, August 9, 2012

Moving along... slowly

Progressing slowly on Happy Christmas..
For a sampler that is so small it seems to be taking forever....Well football season is starting.  Tonight is the first preseason game with the Bills

In the meantime, I enjoyed Claude Rains day on Sunday when they showed all three of the "Four" movies in order.  It was great.  Love the Lane Sisters and the added sister Gale Page.  Actually my husband has a secret yen for Priscilla.

Four Mothers
Tomorrow, the 10th will Lionel Barrymore day,
Saturday, James Mason, YES!

If your not familiar with TCM or what I'm talking about as far as stars with days.  Its August, which means its Summer Under the Stars, every day a new star shines... its great.  Now granted there are some days I'm not thrilled with the star, such as today which was T Mfume, star of Seven Samuri, so today was all Japanese Movies.  Now my FIL (if he was living would of loved it) since he spoke fluent japanese, but not me.

Today, I will leave you with Max, he is such a happy boy, he feels really good.  He runs around and just is such a happy boy... still on meds and fluids every other day...


  1. Beautiful progress! I haven't been watching TCM. I really should! Your little Max looks such a sweetheart!

  2. I am glad to have found your blog!
    I too am a lover of TCM. I go through all the movies for the day and set my DVR for what I want to see so I can watch them while I stitch. Trouble is I end up not stitching so much if I'm really in to the movie!

    Your kitty is adorable.


    1. Glad to meet a fellow TCM,er and for stopping by.

  3. Great progress on your sampler.


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