Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Christmas and Max...

Well over two finally won out, I have been working again on Happy Christmas, Im about 1/3 done, so lets just move on.  I have enjoyed stitching away and reading on my new little toy.  Yes, I broke down and bought a Kindle HD, for the trip to St Augustine.  So here's my new little toy..
This was my second Kindle HD, I ordered one from Amazon, and guess what it would not charge... so I sent it back.  Then my husband took me to Staples and we bought one direct, well it worked and I was pleased.  I was even more pleased when I was able to transfer my audible account with the books I have downloaded that are sitting in my library there.  I also have downloaded a kindle book, which is the one I'm listening to now titled " The Grand Old Party".  They offer whispernet (words to voice) now on most of their books, so you can either read them (like I did on the plane and elsewhere) or listen while stitching.  This was the final selling point. 

Now the one thing I'm not really pleased with is the fact that I can't get YouTube Videos.   Sometimes I do like to listen music.  Doesn't everyone?

So here it is...
Gumnuts Silks on 40ct Vintage Luna Linen
The other news is Max is out of the crate now, he made it through the week and he is doing so well.  He is still on his antibiotic (which he hates).  He still will not jump up on high things.  He stays in my chair, most of the time, he doesn't even do the stairs much.
He still wants to show you his incision
 So guess who like's the crate..
Annie, the Mama, she is Max's is mom.  She did sit next to cage when he was in there.  Now she is not that motherly, I think she sort of turned them over to me, but sometimes she acts like she likes them..

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  1. Congratulations on your new Kindle! Love your stitchy progress too. Glad to hear Max is out of the crate and doing well.


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