Thursday, January 21, 2016

Do I like it, can't decide, and have you heard?

 I ended up restarting "Do Bears" Long Dog Sampler.  I was just having a hard time working over one on the linen, stitches would slide and disappear or no matter what I did they just would not lay straight.  So I decided to resort to my old standbay Evenweave (should of used it to begin with).  I order some Fabric Flair Stone, which I didn't realize was overly hand-dyed..  So without further ado here is my new start..
Now for comparison here is my previous start on the linen.
In the bottom picture, I'm using DMC 761, and in the upper one (new start) Im using my favorite silk, Gumnuts Forest Green (the have hue of 4 variations its the darkest). 

So while I was waiting for the new evenweave, I went back to "Quaker Virtues" by ByGoneStttches.  
Here is the progress so far...
Laguna Evenweave, Ivory with Gumnuts Denim
Hopefully if the power holds out while we get this storm coming to Virginia and up the coast, I will be able to do some stitching.  However, I told my husband this was coming a week ago. Nor'easters are never good. ( I needed to take another science for my degree, so I took a weather class, learned alot about maps. Thankfully, the temps and humidity are warming up for today and onward, which is a BIG help.  When we had snowmaggedon, in 2010, we did not have power for 4 days, the power line at the end of drive snapped and down it went in the street.  We couldn't get our street plowed till it was repaired.  It was a mess, and it was so cold, we huddled the kittens, to keep them warm, but they got kitty colds.  The cold came in with the snow.  But fortunately, there is warming with this snow ... but since I don't drive, I can't get to store, so we have to plan so carefully.  Paul picked up some milk and some more logs and filled his tank.  He will come home early tomorrow, because they are going shut down trains from DC over the weekend. But we are so hoping it's not as bad and we can get to the store Sunday, or Monday night if he can get to work Monday, if not perhaps Monday.  We have food and I order the kitties food from, every two weeks.

I have been feeding and trying to be friendly with feral black year old cat, I"m really worried about this baby, I will clear deck like I always do when it snows.  I feed racoons, squirrels and birds, and now the baby.  I will make a place for its food.  So say pray for this little one.
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  1. I really like your Quaker piece with the blue fiber. What are gumnuts threads? Nice re-start! Stay warm and be careful with the impending storm.

  2. Both pieces look good! There's a technique for stitching over one. Google it and you'll see -- then your stitches won't disappear. Hope you don't lose power with the storm. Hope we don't either!


Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..