Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year

 As with tradition for all stitchers, I made a new start for the New Year.   I also joined a group called "Long Dog Samplers-Designed by Julia Lane Stitch-A-Long" on Facebook.  The goal is to stitch a "Long Dog Sampler Design" within the year, there is no time limit other than the year, no pressure, just joy in sharing your progress.  The other great thing is that you can pick any Long Dog Sampler you choose.  So, I picked "Do Bears"  I have had this one in my stash for a long time.. and wanted to get it done..
Do Bears - 28 ct Ivory, DMC 561, Over One

As noted in the caption, I'm stitching over one, and using DMC 561 on Ivory Cashel Linen.  I also had to employ the marking off  of 10 stitches (squares) in order to keep track of length, using a basting stitch that easily be removed when done. My plan is alternate this with my Ann Grimshaw..

So did everyone watch Downton Abbey last night... it sad to see it go.  Did you know that Julian Fellowes has book that he's releasing in installments, called "Belgravia" it sounds interesting.   I did some checking on Amazon (my favorite resource) and you can get it for your kindle, but it won't be out till March.  Speaking of Sir Julian, our PBS did run two episodes of "Julian Fellowes-Great Houses" I enjoyed it, and discovered through youtube that there was a series, but so far all they have shown was two..oh well, who knows.  As I said its sad to see Downton go,  but I understand the why and wherefores.. but I would like to see a spin off of sorts with stories of the younger ones..upstairs and downstairs. What do you think?

Anyway on to household things, washing clothes, cleaning and the I'm organizing my office and throwing out things to get my genealogy in better order so I can proceed.  I have death, birth, and marriage certificates to get.  Plus copies of my parents 301 files, with the Federal Government.  My mother retired as GS13 in 1980, unheard of now a days for anyone without a college degree.   She did the budget for weapons they are using now in Iraq like the "Abrams" tank. and the "Apache" Helicopter.  My dad went from the career Navy, to a government civilian career, he died while he putting in his retirement papers (he knew he had terminal cancer). There is so much about that part of their careers that I need to know and want to know to pass down and document.  Also those records give you schools and references that can help, as you look as their career.  So that's the goal in the genealogy area.  So meanwhle I have Lucy helping with unpacking of the cat food (with 9 cats) we have food/litter delivered every two weeks from (its cheaper and easier)... she keeps her eye on things...

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  1. Nice on your WIP! I love Julia's designs. I need to stitch another one sometime. I admit -- I cheated and watched Downton with the Brits. lol! I'm sad to see it go too. I'll have to look up this book of Mr. Fellowes'. I've read at least one of his books.


Thank you for stopping by. Your comments mean so much..