Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I wish all my fellow stitchers that are mothers, that will be mothers and hope to mothers, Happy Mothers Day!
At this time I think about those Mothers who have influenced me and are now gone,
Gladys, my grandmother (not the best picture in the world, but she had recently had and I infection).  She taught me how to do my wifely chores, cook, clean and balance a checkbook.  She also never took anything off of anybody.
My mom, Audrey, (this was a year or two before I came along),  She was the hardest working woman I ever knew, and she was my best friend, she died at my house in 1989.  I miss her every day, but she lives in my heart.

My mother in law, also a Glady's, there were days that I could of screamed, but she loved her family and especially her boys.  Coming from a small family this had tremendous influence.  This was taken at my mothers funeral, gosh doesn't my husband look grand (he is the one on her right) the other one on her left (no jacket) is my BIL Mike, who is living us now.  She passed in 2000, and Dad in 2001. 

And we cant forget our feline mom's...Annie (she will get something special)
For mother's to be I want to wish my niece who just graduated from University of Florida, Pharmacy School and is expecting her first today and my nephew wife's, is also expecting her first.  To my other niece's Rachel and Jaime, who have their own little broods that they are molding into wonderful people.
Well while I've got you here let me give you an update on my Happy Christmas...
So Happy Stitching and Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you and yours. Love seeing all the pics. Great WIP progress too!


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