Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update on JH 9-11

Here is my update on JH 9-11 over one.  It seems to be moving along well.  We had nice holiday, DH got some things done around the house and I got some inside things done.  My BIL has been working and running his new boat down on the Potomac.

On the other hand I had a much needed doctors appt, on my migraines and other things.  So I have been referred back to the neurologist, its been over 10 years since I have seen him, and things have not been getting worse.  Today my BIL took me to have my CT Head Scan, then on the 7th we see the neurologist.  Well we will see if there is something in my head after all. 

We have had some really warm weather lately, but we should be getting some mild weather in the 70's over the weekend.   I need to fix the screen door and some other things, and of course some stitching.  Thought I would make it to  Woodlawn but its not looking very promising...

I will leave you with Sasha...


  1. Gosh, over one it's just amazing! Gorgeous! I will be praying for good results from your tests and that everything is ok -- and that they can find what is wrong too. I'll be thinking of you.

  2. Hubby and I both agree, Sasha has nice eyes. Of course I think Sasha is one loved, pampered kitty.

    1. Yes she is, along with all her brother and sisters.. she is one love bug

  3. Hi

    Beautiful stitching and such a gorgeous kitty!
    Good luck with your Dr's appointments.


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